Face Value

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. What do you consider beautiful…besides me?

Is it a pretty tree or a fragrant, bright flower? What about a blade of grass? Or do you want more grand, beautiful things like a shiny car or maybe a big mansion?

There is certainly nothing wrong with those things. In fact, we could use a new shiny Treat Wagon some days!

But are pretty things to be taken at face value all of the time? Even pretty things like a mansion? What’s the story? We wondered this when we visited a mansion here in Natchez, Mississippi.

Yes. It was a beautiful place.

The trees and the flowers were something to behold and actually added to my beauty.

But when traveling, it’s important to take the time to actually learn about where you visit. After all, you’ve probably never been there before. As we walked around, we saw where people that did the hard work on this plantation and mansion stayed. And I was more interested in them. Why were they here? Did they choose to be here?

I saw many other visitors at the mansion. And I wondered. Were people overlooking the history of the buildings here and only seeing what they looked like but not seeing what actually happened here? It made me feel sad to learn. But it would have been sadder to ignore.

It’s easy take things, especially beautiful things, at face value. But when we can take what we learn and show respect for ones who lived there, it’s then our responsibility to be better for it. There is much history in this Natchez, Mississippi place. Some beautiful.

But looking beyond that, there were very bad things that happened here too. And we simply can’t leave here without acknowledging that.

Traveling opens your eyes to things you may have been unaware of.

And it makes us hopefully be better and apply those things to everyday life. We can even take individuals at face value too. We may think we know someone. But do we? Do we judge based on appearance? If we do, it’s time to examine our hearts. Would we want someone to judge us?

We head back out on the road today and say goodbye to Natchez, Mississippi.

We are headed to get some ocean therapy, but Girl Person isn’t feeling so good. So we will still be in Mississippi at the end of the day. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

The Object Lesson Road

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Every day teaches us something about ourselves. I’ve said this before. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Like when you think you’ll like a different kind of cookie other than a peanut butter one. But you never do.

This day is teaching us patience. Flexibility. Hope. Today is the day we try to get new tires on the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. We found some nice persons to order tires and change them about 20 miles away. We have to pack up the RV and Boy Person is going to try and make it there. Because Girl Person thinks it would be stressful for me and Digby to be in the RV when this is happening, she is going to take us for a picnic while this is going on.

I love picnics so that’s ok by me. But it will be too late in the day when it’s over for us to drive to another camp. Then rain comes tomorrow. So right now, the plan is to stick it out here in the Cumberland Gap and freezing cold and cold showers until Saturday. Then, we will be head to Gatlingburg, Tennessee for a few days.

And then? Let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves.

All of these plans depend on roads. Yes. Roads. Roads to get us to and from places we want to be or don’t want to be. Tires are no good for us unless we have roads to travel on.

But as we learned yesterday at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, persons had to be convinced on the value of roads.

A long time ago, the United States government wanted people to see the importance of gravel roads. But no matter how much they told them about roads and why they needed them, they figured the best way to have them understand would be for them to see roads.

They called them Object Lesson Roads.

In the early 1900’s, the US Department Of Agricultural built gravel roads to show convenience and convince voters they needed them. And we walked on one yesterday.

I had to wonder why persons would not have understood they needed these roads. But Girl Person told me it was a new idea. It was a new way of doing things.

Girl Person says examples are good ways to teach lessons to others. Like the Object Lesson Roads. We can tell someone our opinion. Like maybe on animal rescue. But if we don’t live that as an example, can they really place any value in what we say?

Or maybe we tell others to be kind. But then yell at someone in traffic. Or we tell others to appreciate their loved ones and we don’t call ours.

We’ve all been guilty of not being a good example or an Object Lesson. But build that road! Show others that being better makes us better and the world better. Go down that road. Travel down it.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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