I’ve Got A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well, here we are.  The day that we have to leave one of our most favorite parks ever, Pocahontas State Park in Virginia.


And although it brings a little bit of sadness, it doesn’t take away the great time we had here, or any of my handsome.  And isn’t that what matters?


Good things make you feel so alive.  And good people make the good things even better.  Out of all of our camps that we have visited, this place was special because of the people here like the Ranger who made us peanut butter brownies,  and left a package of candy and lavender and more brownies at our door!

img_8696-1And did I mention the brownies?  Are there good people left in the world? There sure are.


After the beginning of last week when everything went wrong that could have gone wrong, this week, everything that could have went right went right. It was such a wonderful feeling to have peace. Oh, we take peace for granted sometimes, don’t we?

Good weather, fall breezes, long hikes, pretty lakes and finding poplar trees in the woods were all here in this Virginia place.


You know, it’s amazing when you can simply walk a little slower to appreciate more things around you.

It’s like when I get up every morning, I make sure to appreciate myself a little longer in the mirror on a Monday.  It is necessary for the week. And as we simply took it a little easier this week, it’s like the sun seemed brighter.  The leaves seemed to crackle more under our feet.  The birds were singing a little louder.  And the trees stretched up taller to the sky.

Something like a poplar tree can make you stop and think for a moment.  Even when your stomach is growling and you want breakfast.  The poplar tree is one of the most fastest growing trees in the world. Even though they grow so fast, they can still live to be 200-300 years old.

Yet, some people grow them to make them into things like furniture, so some won’t get to live that long.  But the most happy poplar trees I think are the ones like we found in the woods.  They may not be as popular as a poplar tree in a neighborhood. They may not have as many people looking at them.  But they don’t need to be a popular poplar tree.  Because they are happy with themselves.  And the only opinion that they get is from themselves.  And they are happy with the tree that they are, even though they won’t grow up to be a picnic table or even a bench. They won’t even be a bango or a guitar.

There is a lot to be said about being happy with yourself and who you are.  It’s a nice feeling, take it from me.  Peace can be all around us.  But if we don’t have peace with ourself, well, you won’t ever fully enjoy it.  We all deserve to be the best we can be.  But only we…ourselves…can make that happen.

So as we continue on our journey and continue to learn from all that the earth has to teach us, yes, even poplar trees in the woods of Virginia, we hope that you will continue to learn about yourself too.


Sometimes, there are things that we have to let go about ourselves.  Mistakes we have made or regrets.  Don’t let anything stop your growth.

Because if you find yourself in the forest all alone like that poplar tree, would you be able to live with yourself now?  Put the past behind and grow to what you can be.  That’s when you will find that peaceful, easy feeling.


Today, we are on our way to Douthat State Park in Virginia!  We are making our way towards a mountain adventure and we hope that things keep going smoothly!  Are you with us?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Gonna Take Some Time To Do The Things

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, today is the day where we get back on the road.  We are saying goodbye to Charleston, South Carolina and saying hello to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Yes, looks like our travel is getting shorter in-between destinations.  But who is on a rush on this No Path Path?  Not us!


It’s not often that we slow down to enjoy the view or do the things that we truly want to. Because those things called obligations seem to get in the way.  I hear that word a lot from persons.  They have an obligation to go to work or to take a bath.  That does not sound like any fun at all.  I say that if you have to have obligations, that you take care of those obligations in a fun way!  You know, kinda like we rescued Jax from the beach in that Jacksonville, Florida place and now we have an obligation to take care of him.  Well, it is an obligation.  But I can tell you that we are making it fun. Why wouldn’t we? Although I wish he would consider it an obligation to make me some pancakes.  Does anyone want to get him a cookbook?  He seems to have a lot of time on his cotton paws.

Time is also an obligation in my book if I had one to read, but I can’t read.  But if I could, time would be listed as an obligation.  Because, eventually, if y’all don’t slow down, those other obligations are going to make you too tired to enjoy the things that you want to.  Enjoying life’s sweet things like pancakes takes time away from things that aren’t so important or sweet.  Yes, I am gonna tell you that.  Time is not going to magically appear in front of you to make room for the good things.

So my question for you today on this Monday is what do you wish that you had more time to do?


Read a book?  Bake a cake? That sounds good.  Do you wish you had more time to travel?  We hear that all the time.  Some things we may not be able to do exactly in the way we want to.  Like maybe you want to go to Tahiti or Africa or wherever but you can’t afford it.  But can you afford a weekend trip to the beach? If you can’t swing that, can you read about a place you want to visit or watch a show about it? With a little imagination, we can go anywhere we want.  I go to IHop every day without leaving my bed.

If you want more time to spend with family, but you can’t get off work, can you call them?  If you want to change your job, get up the courage to do it!  If you want to foster or adopt a furkid that needs you…can you?  I could go on and on.  When things speak to our heart to “do the things”, does it motivate you to do them? Or do you just waste time wishing?


Time changes us.  That’s for sure.  Look at my belly. But our obligation is to be happy, first of all.  We can’t make anyone else happy unless we are. Like Sheriff Brickle who is only happy when he is arresting someone, when do you feel the best?  Think about the past. When was the time of your life? You may wish that you could change time, and make it stop.  But time has a way of repeating itself in different ways. And if we are happy no matter where in the stream of time we are, that will keep repeating. Hurry.  It’s waiting there for you.

So today, we thank Charleston, South Carolina for our time here.  Because we were on the rain’s clock, we weren’t as rushed. But there is something to be said about a slow, Southern drawl.  We will be back now…ya hear?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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