Who Roams There?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It was hard to leave that Pennsylvania place yesterday. Except for two things.

First, Girl Person tried to buy wine at a grocery store. First store had no wine. Second store told her to go the back of the store and told her that you could only buy 4 bottles per day. Not five. First strike, Pennsylvania place.

Second, Boy Person went to do laundry. Laundromat’s change machine was broken. And he couldn’t find any quarters. So Pennsylvania? It’s been fun. No quarters or wine for us. And now there are no clean pants.

But whenever we visit a place, and I suppose we are always visitors, we like to learn the reasons places have their names and who lived there. Even though this Pennsylvania place gave us trouble on wine and laundry day. And we learned that at Little Buffalo State Park, long ago, buffalo roamed the land. And they didn’t try to buy wine or wear pants. We learned that.

We also learned that the creek there was named Little Buffalo Creek. I could almost picture the Buffalo there. And I wondered. What would they think of us being here? Would they be happy with the way things are now? And why are they not here anymore?

History is unclear as to why they no longer are in that area. We can only speculate that humans had something or everything to do with it. And even though there are so many other animals here and beautiful things to see, the buffalo are missed. And we remember them.

We can all have an impact on our surroundings. That impact may not be felt immediately. But over time, even people can be affected. Yes. Even our own families down the road. Do we each think of that?

If the area where you live was different long ago, what has changed? Do you respect the ones that were there before? What are you doing now for future inhabits? We may always think that someone else will care. Someone else will take care of a problem. But what if everyone thought like that? There would be no future.

So this week. join us as we aim to appreciate what this area of New York and New Jersey offers! We will be “picking” some fun along the way! Travel isn’t always about a destination. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting something good to eat. Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

The Race

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. There’s no such thing as being in a hurry in my book. I don’t know where my book is. And I’m also not in a hurry to find it. I’m in no hurry to race to that.

But Girl Person said that when we were on a trail this weekend that sometimes, a race is good. If you are a mill. And she told us about something called a mill race.

At this Little Buffalo State Park, there is an old mill and a mill race.
She said it’s a current of water that turns the water wheel of the mill.

At some points, the stream is dammed but I’m not allowed to curse so that word isn’t in my book. Wherever that is.

You see, it takes many things and operations to turn the wheel for it to be useful. Without the water racing to it, it wouldn’t turn as fast. And it would take longer to make all that flour for pancakes or to press apples for cider.

And although I’m never in a rush or a race, don’t make me wait for treats!

Mills may not be used much anymore but I like learning about how each one is different and what it made.

They may have had water rushing to them, but time also pushed them aside for ways things could be done even faster.

More food could be made, but that didn’t mean it tasted better or was better for you.

The mill race made us think.

What parts of our day rush to us? Stress or worry or pressure to get it all done…whatever that all is? What do we rush by and take no notice of?

Does any of this make our days better? What’s the point of it all?

Time may rush by, but new ways aren’t always the best ways.

Race away from mediocre. Rush to wonderful and delicious and meaningful.

Turn that wheel in your head and think about it!

You’ll know what you should do. But can you help me find my book first? I need to write this down.

Today, we are off!

We will be headed to another state just for one reason! It’s the season for this treat. And we aim to pick a good one. Stay tuned for clues on our Facebook page today our next destination!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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