I Need A Lawyer

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. There are a lot of things that I didn’t know I needed until I had them. Like spaghetti for breakfast.

Like taking rides in the truck with my big brother.

Like seeing my friends the cows everyday.

I also didn’t know I needed a lawyer.

But. I suppose we do. If we want to go to that Italy place.

Me and Brickle told you last week that our persons’ paperwork didn’t work to go to that Italy place.

So. They’ve been scrambling and more than just eggies.

We’ve been looking for solutions to get there in the right way. And yet, we need more help. Help is ok.

No one can possibly know everything. Not even Brickle.

So we have lots of phone calls this week. We have to figure this out. And quickly.

We may have to make some adjustments. Or we may find out we can go as planned. The lawyer person should tell us. I’m listening.

Right now, every step of our journey is dependent upon another step. So you just have to keep going one step at a time. One step in front of the other. That’s all any of us can do! But the secret is smiling while you step.

So…I need a lawyer. A lawyer who can make paperwork actually work. I’ll be supervising.

I’ll be listening. And I’ll report when I have an update. Yes. I charge by the hour too. In pickles.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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