Judge Fruity

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Or as my family keeps calling me, Judge Fruity.

Judge Fruity. It has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it. I am just learning what a judge is. And I have to admit, I do watch the goings on of everyone and everything.

How else are you supposed to figure it all out and form an opinion?

For instance, yesterday was one of those days where we had to pack up our whole house and move it. But we didn’t anywhere but to a different campsite. Did I judge all that work and commotion for that? You better believe it.

Some may try to hide their emotions from their face. I say, what is the point? I can’t hide my emotions anyway. Although I am a sweet fellow, I also have my own opinions. Judge Fruity.

Sometimes, I think persons try hide what they think. But if everyone was honest on the outside in a gentle way, wouldn’t life be so much easier? Why do we have to work to figure out what others think?

As Judge Fruity, I can sit in the back seat and watch. Brickle has been doing this for years and years. He can figure out the day’s plan without lifting his head. But he lets me form my own opinion. He says sometimes, new eyes and ears on a situation can offer the best solution. I certainly have that going for me.

The next time you see me in the back seat and it looks like I’m judging, well, I am. Call me Judge Fruity and know that I’m watching. And learning. And ready to offer my opinion. Anytime. You’re welcome.

Fruitycake The Raccoon