This is Deputy Digby Pancake. When was the last time that you asked me over? You know. For those shindigs you’re always having?

I hear that they eat pancakes and drink maple syrup till the cows come home! And well. I don’t remember getting my invitation. Sure. You say that we are always on the move. But even if we are just passing thru, well, I could use an invite.

I learned yesterday about the most invitations probably ever to a house up on a hill.

It’s called the Wilderness Road Blockhouse here in this Virginia place.

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The persons said that there was a house built here in 1775.

When persons like Daniel Boone were traveling thru to the west, they would stop here. The house was designed to be safe against attacks.

It was a gathering place as hundreds of thousands of persons would keep on their voyage.

I thought about our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. Surely, we can’t invite over hundreds of thousands of anything. Not even fleas, although we have tried.

But just because we can’t have big shindigs in here, that doesn’t mean we can’t be hospitable in other ways. We all can.

I think of the cat we found here at camp this week who has trouble seeing. And who is hungry. Many have overlooked her for months here at camp for different reasons. Maybe because they were just passing thru. But what makes someone take that extra step of being nice to strangers? Even if you only meet for a moment? Surely, you won’t have accountability later on. But did you know that how you treat others, especially strangers, can make a big impact on others?

We put out a call for help for the cat we have named Biscuit. We were surprised when not only a local rescue stepped up to help, but so did a volunteer in the area. In fact, she drove right over. It will be a bit of a job to catch Biscuit. But she’s hungry and needs help. And a group of strangers is doing that.

You see, hospitality we show to others will come back to us too. How so? When others see our example, they are more likely to do the same. And one day, that circle will make its way around again. And we will be glad for it.

We don’t have to have a lot of money for parties or gifts. Because the best gift we can give is kindness. Start with one individual today, whether that be one with fur or without. And keep it going tomorrow. You’ll see that the best party you can have is a full heart. And let that guide all your journeys.

Deputy Digby Pancake

Thank you to Paws Of SWVA and our follows Leanne for stepping up and trying to help Biscuit! Learn more about Paws Of SWVA