The Moment Of Doubt. The Moment That Matters.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. There has been a lot of serious talk the last few weeks. Yes. It’s a hard decision to move to somewhere new. Yes. It’s a hard decision to buy a house. Yes. It’s a hard decision to buy a house you’ve never seen in person.

It’s also very hard…knowing all of this…that it won’t be easy getting there. And that it won’t be easy when we get there.

But I remember that moment. That moment of doubt when I was listening to all of this. It was kind of like when I decided to jump across picnic tables yesterday.

There was that moment when I could bark my opinion and say that I couldn’t do that. That the persons shouldn’t do that.

But then the moment passed. And the next moment I trusted that I could do this. That Brickle could do this. That we all could do this.

You see, it’s not the moments of doubt that matter in our lives. It’s that moment after the doubt. When you decide to go for it. Because the doubt isn’t as important as what you know can do.

And I say that even if you don’t know that you can do it, try. Truth is, we don’t know what is ahead of us. We don’t know if it will all work out. it’s definitely an uphill battle.

But when the time comes in our lives to see what we CAN do, let that doubt fall behind. Or you will fall behind.

Our persons like Italy. They talk all day about the things they will grow in our garden.

They talk all day about what projects they will start first.

They talk all day about how we are going to get water. And electricity. Some things we just don’t know. But we have no doubt you will encourage us along the way. And that’s strength enough for us.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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