Which Direction? I’ll Tell You.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What a weekend. It wasn’t filled with a lot of adventure.

But it was filled with taking care of Fruitycake. He was a bit under the weather.

And if that saying makes any sense, I suppose that weather would have been dreary. Not sunshiney. I felt super bad for him. But the good news is, he is starting to feel better. We all have our sick days. And that’s a fact. Not one of us has perfect health.

Now, if good health depended on positive thinking, I would be super dog.

But alas, we all have to work on our health. We all have to try. Because the direction of our lives depends a lot on how we take care of ourselves.

We are all going in a certain direction each and every day.

I’ve had many persons think I’m too old to go hiking.

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I’ve had many persons think I’m done with traveling. Just because our traveling is different.

I’ve had many persons expect that the couch should be my best friend. And someday I suppose I’ll want to be on it more for sure. But now is not that time.

And if it’s ok with me, it should be ok. Because I can go in the direction of getting stronger. Or not.

Many of us think we know what is best for someone else. And it’s ok to voice opinions or encourage one another. But we can’t take the pilot’s position for their lives.

We can only go along the ride if we want to be a part of their lives.

We each can go in the direction we should go. But do we give ourselves enough credit?

No matter what our age is…are we being still because that’s what others think we should do? Or do you want to do more? You can. If I can, you can.

Now, buckle up. I have many days to get stronger. I’m not done with this ride. Not even close.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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