The Deep Thinking Dinosaur

This is Digby Pancake.  Have you ever had a friend that thought a lot?  About everything?  Yeah. Me too.  Peanut Butter Brickle thinks so much that he gets his mind into a pickle!

I thought that he was deep.  Until I met the Deep Thinking Dinosaur.

The Deep Thinking Dinosaur is so deep that he wanted to hide all of his wisdom from the world.  And if we wouldn’t have been selling the Jeep, well, we wouldn’t have found him under all of that dog hair in the car.

He’s been hiding out since we found him on the beach at the Florida place! But we dug him up!

So when we pulled him out, cleaned him off, and he started talking, well, he didn’t stop.

Some of the stuff we did not understand. But I suppose it is because he is so deep.

A Deep Thinking Dinosaur is not something that you come across every day.  But neither are the individuals around you.  You may be used to their company.  But look at them in a different light.  Aren’t they amazing?  

Everyone has something to say and should be valued.  Never take anyone for granted.  Even ones who we are with all of the time.

I have found that deep thinkers think deep.  I have found that there are thinkers like me that don’t like to dive into their feelings that far down.  And that’s ok too.  

Because sometimes, others inspire us by their thoughts. Their ideas. Their plans.

But no matter if we are as old as dinosaur, we can still take a second look at ordinary things.  We can think about them more deeply than we have before.  

And maybe even look at them in a newer light.  We can all still learn.

So dust off the dirt of your mind and think a little deeper today.  What have you looked at all of your life and taken for granted? What can  you learn today from the Deep Thinking Dinosaur? Maybe that’s you.

Digby Pancake

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