Do You Have A Horse? Have You Seen An Alligator?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Many years on the road has taught me that there are a lot of questions still to be answered. And people like asking questions. Even if you don’t know them.

And since we move every week, and we normally don’t know anyone, we get many questions asked of us. And we ask the questions right back.

Campers like to ask each other “where are you from?” Once they get that all settled, they ask “where are you going after this?” They talk and they talk and they talk. And then they move on.

There is no better reason to move on during a conversation after someone asks you if you have a horse and if you have seen an alligator…all in the same sentence.

Yes. Someone asked Girl Person this when we arrived to this campground.

Questions asked in such quick succession make you think. Fast. Do I have a horse? No. Have I seen an alligator? No. Do I need a horse to outrun the soon to be seen alligator? Perhaps. Yes.

Girl Person said me and Fruitycake were horses and could drag her fast. And no. No alligator yet. She was quick to ask him right back if he had seen one. And he said not yet. But he hoped to.

Yet, he didn’t have a horse. He did have a cane. So I was hoping he had thought this through.

When we ask questions of others, do we listen to the answers? Or are we thinking of what we are going to say next?

If you take the time to talk to someone, listen. Learn. And make sure you know how to get away from said alligator.

Peanut Butter Brickle