Why Do We Climb?

This is Digby Pancake. Do you ever have something you need to do and you don’t particularly want to do it? Like share a bite of your dinner?

Maybe that something you don’t want to do is a lot of work. Maybe it’s an assignment at your job or exercising.

Maybe you don’t want to climb up to that waterfall at the top of the mountain. Ok. That was me.

We’ve been relaxing at this campground for over a week.

I have found that the more you relax, the more you don’t want to do much of anything. The creek has been so relaxing. And so when the persons told me and Brickle that we were going to take a hike to a waterfall after lunch, I was hesitant. My butt liked to be planted so much I was hoping to sprout pancakes. If only that could happen…


But you can’t argue with the persons when they have their minds set on something. They told us if we made it to the waterfall, a treat or five would be possible. And I was definitely up to that.

But the more we climbed, the more I wondered if I had made the right decision. I was a bit tired. And those treats didn’t seem so important anymore. Brickle just wanted to get back to take a nap.

But the higher we went, I saw the waterfall in the distance. It was beautiful. I could hear it. And I could also taste it. I mean, the treats.

But when we got there, we realized we couldn’t get right up to the waterfall because the mountain was too slippery and too deep. It was too dangerous to take a chance, the persons said. And I wondered. Why did we climb all this way if what we wanted to do wasn’t possible?

Girl Person said that it doesn’t mean you’ve failed if your accomplishment isn’t fully realized. Because you can go thru life not trying and sprouting pancakes out of your butt. But would you be happy with that? Or would the accomplishment be that you tried in the first place?

We climb not to reach goals all of the time. We can’t be perfect. So don’t have a breakdown about it.

We climb to be good to ourselves. And perhaps, on our way up, we will see a viewpoint we didn’t expect around the corner.

We are on the road again today! It’s supposed to be bad weather. So stay tuned!

Digby Pancake

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Everybody’s Got A Mountain To Climb

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some days, I surprise myself.  Maybe you have felt the same. Sometimes, I wake up and as I get older, things are a little bit harder.  Things take a little more time.  And sometimes, I just don’t want to do much.


But then, some days, something gets waken up inside me that reminds me who I am.  Something awakens my soul as much as a warm, buttery pancake.  Actually, nothing awakens my soul as much as a warm, buttery pancake.  But still.  Those things that seem impossible all of a sudden get pushed aside.  They say that you only live twice.  One life for yourself, and one for your dreams. I am older in my dreams then, obviously.

Yesterday was like any other day in the life of a traveling dog. We got up and the persons decided that we would go explore the area of Charleston, South Carolina a little more. We waited for the rain to finally stop…again…and started driving to a place called Charles Town Landing Historic Site.


First, Girl Person explained that we would get our breakfast after we walked around. Then she told us about the place a little bit.  She said that it was the original site of the first permanent English settlement in Carolina. And again, we would have to wait for breakfast.  This alone seemed impossible to me.  No, not that people got here in 1670. But that I had to wait for breakfast.


So as we walked and looked at a lot of stuff that the persons found interesting, I saw it in the distance. A boat.  A. Boat.  Now. You may remember that Brickle and I are not too fond of boats after our ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard or that ride to Smith Island in Maryland.  No, we have not found a boat that we like yet.  But this one looked a little different.  Seemed like no one was actually riding on this boat. But they were just looking at it.  And I could do that.  Sheriff Brickle? Yeah.  Not so much.


As Boy Person climbed in the boat and Girl Person asked us if we wanted to check it out, Brickle firmly planted his paws in the dock.  And I did the same.  But all of a sudden, this was not just like any morning.  All of a sudden it occurred to me.  If we were in fact heading to the mountains on this No Path Path, I had to start getting ready.  I had to build up my strength to climb those mountains. We are supposed to get there in just a few weeks!

And I made up my mind.  It was going to be today.

I couldn’t believe that I was doing it! I was climbing!  Boy Person said that sometimes, when you don’t think about something, and you just do it, it is easier than thinking too long about it.  And as Brickle watched me from below, I felt it.  A sense of accomplish that I had not felt for quite a long time.  I still had it in me.  A sense of adventure.  A sense that I could do anything.  But I could have done more with a little breakfast in my stomach.  Just saying.


I told Brickle all about my epic adventure in the boat.  No, they may not have used this boat to sail the waters, but I used this boat to prove to myself that I can still climb mountains.  I think that all of us have mountains to climb.

They may be different, but sometimes, it seems impossible to reach the top.  But if we don’t try, we may never know. And if that’s ok by you, like Brickle, that’s ok.  But if you want to do it, and you need to do it, never let a little fear stop you.  Sometimes, we don’t even ask for those mountains. Sometimes, you may not even want those mountains. But when they are put there, it is up to us whether we climb.

Seems to me that there is a lot we can learn from going to places and traveling to historic sites.  The lessons may seem to be obvious.  But what we learn from the most is digging deep down inside to apply it to us.  Probably, that boat wasn’t put there to teach me about mountains.  But that’s the beauty of learning.  Everything isn’t always so obvious like the growl of my stomach.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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