Don’t Step On Flowers To Hug A Cactus

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What’s been happening in your life lately? Have you been searching for something? Looking? Trying to find it? What is it?

For us, what we look for are changes. Because where we go changes. We are always in a constant state of change. And so much so, that we sometimes overlook what is around us. Because we are looking for what’s next. What about you?

Yesterday, we went on a hike in this California place. It was dry. It was hot. But it was beautiful.

There are things here that we don’t know a lot about. Flowers that we don’t know what their name is. Cactus that are so very big.

So as we were walking, I noticed what Girl Person was stopping at though. Instead of focusing on the beauty of little flowers, she was drawn to what was bigger. The biggest cactus I have ever seen. She lingered at the cactus. Examined it.

And she ignored a little flower right by her feet. But I didn’t. I saw the little flower. I smelled the little flower. I noticed a bee on the little flower. All of the flower.

I thought how people are like that. So many times they say that they are lost in life. But the landmarks they look for to guide their way are there. They just ignore them.

It’s not until they take a wrong turn that they concentrate. Don’t walk over flowers to hug a cactus.

Embrace what’s meant to guide your way. Don’t ignore it and get stuck later.

It takes a lot to acknowledge what we truly value. If we want to change our path, we have to be honest about what’s guiding our hearts.

Digby Pancake