When You Don’t Want To Answer

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’m all about love. I’m all about positivity. I’m all about the good things in life. I don’t want the bad to overshadow the good. I can’t do that.

Persons also have a hard time with seeing any good when something bad happens. They don’t want to answer the bad news calls or the bad news texts. And I don’t blame them at all.

Because when you try so hard to be positive, bad news can make you forget there is anything good. If you let it. I don’t let it.

Yesterday, Boy Person found out his mom Person was sick. And she was taken to a hospital place. It’s hard for him because he loves her. And I bet it’s even harder for her because she is hurting.

I have never met her, but Brickle says she gives great head scratches. Obviously, I believe him. And I believe him when he says bad news can be turned around. Bad news doesn’t always stay bad. But sometimes the hardest part is waiting.

When bad news calls, it can be easy to let your mind and heart overwhelm you with dread. I had lots of practice living on the streets dealing with seeing bad things. But one thing I never forgot was that I could keep going. I had to keep going for me. And now Boy Person keeps going for me. He says that the bad news in life doesn’t mean you forget the ones who count on you. Focusing on being the best for someone else during your trials can help.

We are in the midst of some big decisions in our life. At least that is what I’m told.

But I’m also seeing what persons think is a big deal one day means nothing the next.

So cherish the one who make your life good. And if bad news calls, be the best and try your best. Someone needs you.

We will keep you up to date on Boy Person’s mom Person as we know.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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