Back Up

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I see the persons do a lot of strange things. Yesterday was one of those days when I wondered if persons really know what is happening. Or if they make it up as they go along.

My persons had to move campsites in the same campground. As if that wasn’t enough, the campsite was right next to us.

And so we packed up everything. We hooked up the RV and we went a few feet. Just a few feet. So that someone else could camp where we were just at for a few days. It took quite a long time to do all of that. And although it was entertaining, I wondered who came up with this.

As a dog, we don’t have much control over what we do every day. We are told what to do.

And persons? Seems to me that they are not much different. There are a lot of rules. There are a lot of “whys” for the rules. And yet, it makes no sense. Because the ones making the rules are just as imperfect as the ones following them.

What I would like to see persons do sometimes is maybe think if rules need to be changed. But they seem to take things personally once they make decisions and don’t want to change. But it takes love and strength to back up and think again. Just like we backed up and went into a new campsite, persons can change.

Persons can make changes. Even if it means breaking the rules, you sometimes have to make new ones.

But once you decide to make things better, follow through. Don’t give up half way. Be a risk taker. A rule breaker. And be proud to make life better. Not the same.

Fruitycake The Raccoon