Pawcast Podcast #36 Mississippi

Collard greens, beautiful beaches and dog friendly state parks were just the icing on the cake during our time in Mississippi! We endeavored to take in all Mississippi had to offer in the way of food, culture and by visiting a wonderful animal rescue.  Join us on this week’s 2 Traveling Dogs Pawcast Podcast!

Mentioned in this week’s episode:

Mississippi Collard Greens For Dogs

Tired Dog Rescue

Stop Hounding Me Episode For Mississippi

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Pawcast Podcast #35 Alabama

In this week’s podcast, we take you back to our travels thru the wonderful state of Alabama!  We make our way back to the beach, but get way off track…

Mentioned in this week’s podcast:

Alabama White Barbecue Sauce Recipe For Dogs and People

Baldwin County Humane Society

Stop Hounding Me Episode For Alabama

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