Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society, Franklinton, Louisiana

Often, animal rescuers feel alone. The overwhelming problem of homeless and abused animals, along with pet overpopulation is enough to make all of us feel helpless.

When we traveled to Louisiana, the #36 state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, we knew that animal rescuers here needed recognition and praise for all of the things that they do, not only for the animals in their communities, but for the people as well. We wondered…who would know what the people of the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana did every single day? Probably not many. And that is why we picked them for our ONE Louisiana rescue visit. We had many to choose from, some more well known than others in this beautiful state. But as always on this trip, it is our goal to show you the people out there who are not known, but who do selfless acts of kindness on a daily basis.


You may have never heard of Franklinton, Louisiana. Franklinton is located about an hour’s drive from New Orleans.


It is located in Washington Parish where roughly 30% of the residents are economically below the poverty line. The town of Franklinton has a total area of about four square miles and the Bogue Chitto River passes through the western edge.


We camped at the relaxing, Bogue Chitto State Park and met the volunteers and fosters there to speak with them since they are a foster based rescue currently, trying to raise funds to build a shelter.

Huckleberry and Harper Available For Adoption

Now it’s your turn to meet the people of the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana in Franklinton on our latest episode of Stop Hounding Me!

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According to  their Facebook page, the Magnolia Chapter of The Humane Society Of Louisiana does not operate a shelter.  They are a “no kill” foster based rescue that currently has foster homes housing dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.  Sounds like a rescue that you would hear about every day doesn’t it?  That could not be further from reality.


To start with, we were overwhelmed with the amount of volunteers and fosters that pulled up at the state park pavillion.  Car after car filled with caring individuals who were able to take off of work and make arrangements just to meet us touched our hearts.  We were beyond thrilled.


To thank each of them individually seems appropriate, because every single rescuer deserves recognition for all that they do. Thank you to Kay Grantham, Bridgette Slade, Cassie Seal, Patricia Robinson, Jim Robinson, Penny Rojas, Rebecca Seruntine-Foster, Belinda Gunnell Martin and Deidre Cassanova! Thank you too to Huckleberry, Harper and Tripp! Thanks as well to ALL of the volunteers and fosters for the Magnolia Chapter who we did not get to meet in person.


The Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana are a small, all volunteer group who want to eliminate the problem of abandoned, neglected , abused animals in their county of Washington Parish. Their area has a large problem with abandoned dogs and cats for several reasons. One of the major reasons they believe is not only the lack of affordable spay and neuter programs but a lack of knowledge as to the value of these procedures.


Kay Grantham, an officer of the Magnolia Chapter told us that they WANT residents to know that there is help out there! So in 2009, they started a high volume, low cost spay and neuter program and have helped over 10,000 cats and dogs!  Once a month, they schedule countless dogs and cats and promise that they will continue to do this as long as they have volunteers, a participating vet and funds. Let’s help them keep doing this fans! And if you live in the area, fosters are one of their most crucial needs.  You can help by opening up your home, even for a short time.


They don’t stop with this however.  They believe, as all successful rescues and shelters do, that working with not only other rescues, but animal control makes for more animals saved.  The Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana goes regularly to the Bogalusa Animal Control and other kill shelters. This is where the majority of their animals are saved from.

By working with animal control, they have jointly been able to reduce the euthanasia rate to almost zero last year!  We know that other rescues can learn greatly from this example as well.  Oftentimes, animal control officers and employees care greatly about the animals under their care as well.  And certainly, in this community, the rescuers all have a common goal and work hard together. This little girl was dumped over the shelter’s fence just recently. If interested, please contact The Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society immediately.


The Magnolia Chapter also will strive to transport animals as well to approved homes. This shows the importance of “sharing” those animals you see come across your Facebook or social media feeds.  It is always possible the perfect home may be out there for these animals, even if not in their immediate area.  And YOU may be to thank if that home is found thanks to your “share”.


But all of this Louisiana love for animals does not come without a price.  It is an expensive and often thankless job to do what the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana does.  They strive to raise in creative and fun ways! We loved this!


They also currently  sell shirts and other items on their website.  We know there is something that you can pick to help!


You may wonder, why does Franklinton, Louisiana need the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana?  We knew immediately after seeing social media postings in that town and surrounding areas of mistreated animals, animal cruelty cases, an abundance of stray animals and also puppies and kittens that they had a huge undertaking. They don’t let an overwhelming need for helping animals deter them.  They do all that they can, even taking animals to local pet supply stores in the area to showcase them to potential adopters each weekend.

During our visit, a local tragedy with stray dogs propelled this rescue to assist law enforcement to bring the persons responsible to justice. To say that we were a bit saddened by this is putting it lightly.  We simply could not imagine having to deal with the weight of these issues on a daily basis.  We assumed that the rescuers we would meet would show their frustration, and we were a bit nervous,  but in fact, the opposite was true.


Their happiness and joyfulness at being able to help the animals that need them here and make a difference was simply inspiring.


Their upbeat attitudes propelled us to finish this trip and remaining rescues knowing that there are other places like Franklinton, Louisiana that need us to showcase them as well.


The Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society wants you to know that “if you care there is something you can do to help. It may be rescue, foster, donations, volunteering, raising money, networking, spaying your own pets, offering to pay to spay/neuter someone else’s pet, picking up cans for our spay/neuter program, or simply letting your friends and neighbors know about our rescue, adoption, and spay/neuter program. Thank you for helping us towards our goal of no more homeless pets in Washington Parish.”


Thank you to the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana for not only all you do for your animals and people in your community, but for showing the world that a small group of happy, determined people can make a very big difference for animal rescue, and that everyone can do something in their community too.

See their animals currently up for adoption

Donate to the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society so that they can save more lives

Visit their Facebook page to stay up to date on events and success stories

Brickle and Digby say thank you for allowing them to play with

Harper, Tripp and Huckleberry too!

The Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society is a 501c3 organization. 

If you would like to help, contact them at Donations may be mailed to Humane Society of Louisiana, Magnolia Chapter, PO Box 854, Franklinton, La. 70438. 

Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana


 Author: Nate Johnson, Co-Owner, 2 Traveling Dogs

2 Traveling Dogs is a daily dog blog written thru the eyes of Brickle and Digby.  Nate and his wife Rachael dedicate their lives to the fun side of animal rescue.  Join a million other Facebook fans that “Make Rescue The Breed Of Choice”!

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