Animal Lovers Of Edisto K9 Rescue in Edisto Beach, SC

It was a hot day in South Carolina.  We were given driving directions to this rescue up to a point, and then had to call.  You see, some gems are hard to find, but when you do find them, you realize how fortunate you are. It was our goal on this Adventure Of A Lifetime  to highlight small rescues that needed exposure. And this rescue fit the bill in so many ways.

How we felt when we met the people at Animal Lovers Of Edisto K9 Rescue in Edisto Beach, South Carolina can only be described as inspiring. A very small group of volunteers who work together for the good of this community.  It was apparent right away that they not only cared for their animals, but each other.

Their mission is to provide shelter, food, veterinary care for the animals in their care. All of their dogs are spayed or neutered and loved until they are healthy and socialized enough to be adopted. As Edisto’s only nonprofit, all-volunteer canine rescue, they are devoted to helping stray and found dogs on the Island and nearby communities.

One of the dogs we met while visiting was named Walker.


Here is Walker’s story,

“My name is Walker and I’m a sweet-natured Hound looking for a compassionate soul with a big heart who would like to care for a special needs dog, either on a foster or permanent basis. I was rescued from the side of the road after being hit by a car. My injuries left me with the inability to use my rear legs, but after treatment to stabilize my spine and a long stay at an animal hospital, I returned to the shelter and then to foster care for a few weeks where I made significant progress. However, at this point it is unlikely that I will regain full use of my legs. Accommodations have been made to my kennel; I get around well with a custom set of wheels, which go “home” with me; and volunteers at this small, private shelter have been trained to help with my physical therapy and exercise routines. Throughout this entire ordeal I have never complained and have maintained my sweet disposition, but I need more attention than our handful of volunteers can provide on a continuing basis. What I really need now is a forever or foster home where I can receive loving attention and care and have some wide open spaces where I can “wheel around,” enjoy the great outdoors and get plenty of exercise. If you or somebody you know feels as though you may be good match for me, please contact Margaret at 843-869-3869. Thanks!”

To see Walker’s official adoption page, click here. 

Throughout this tight-knit community, you will see change jars at the counters of many businesses for residents to put in their spare change as donations to this small group of volunteers.  But for many of our fans who do not live here, please consider donating to them by clicking here.

To see their list of adoptable dogs, click here.

We feel so privileged that we got to meet not only the wonderful dogs here, but the people as well.  They have touched our hearts and inspire us to continue to “Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice!”.

Visit their website at

Visit their Facebook page at



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    Thank you for such a wonderful report. It was really nice meeting you. Please be safe on your continued travels.

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