The Breeze

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If it was any hotter in this Florida place, I would bet a Sunday’s worth of pancakes with butter that I was melting.

I’ve felt a little slower lately, especially in the heat. But when you are slow, you see more. And there is always so much to see in our world, even if you stand in the same place. Some days, we see Linda the alligator sunbathing. Sometimes, we see her in the water.

Sometimes, we don’t see her at all. Because we know she is enjoying her view.

Some days though, Brickle and I don’t feel as good as we should. Girl Person says that’s ok too. The persons are the same. And when one of us is slow, we all slow down. But when we feel better, the day feels like a fresh morning with the breeze taking away the hot air. I love the breeze.

We have all come to the conclusion as a family that we will have days we don’t feel our best. And that’s the time to rest and plan for the breeze. Because it will come. And we just have to look forward to it.

Even though I’ve been sick this week, I still find wonderful parts of the day! And when the persons don’t spend all their time worrying, it makes it easier on me to not feel bad. Girl Person explained to me last night how we all have our good and bad times. But she said that when I get to feeling a little better, they will plan our next adventure. And that’s really a breath of fresh air! I can feel it brushing over my fur and my spirits. I like the persons explaining things to me so that I don’t wonder.

We all have things that make for difficult times. Sometimes there is no choice but to go thru whatever we are going thru. But if you can imagine a refreshing breeze, you can give yourself some relief. Whether that’s taking a break, a walk, getting an ice cream cone or simply taking a nap, break up the difficult times with breezes. Those breezes will help push you along!

I know that life is a journey. And we have been on many. But the best part to me is that wherever we are, we can carry our breeze with us.

A positive attitude can make every difference in the world. And we feel it. Do you? It’s. Refreshing.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Keys To What?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some may say Girl Person is forgetful.  Some may say most of her life is spent standing in the middle of a room wondering what she came in there for.  That’s the great thing about being a dog.  We don’t need to forget.  We don’t need to feel guilty about forgetting.  We just do what we feel like doing at the time.  I personally think that is much better!


The other day, Girl Person took Sheriff Brickle and I hiking, but we didn’t want to walk for long.  It was hot and I was hungry, and so we got back in the car. Girl Person got a text thing on her phone and had to tell Boy Person something.  She said that she couldn’t forget to tell him.  So when we got back to the RV, Girl Person ran right in to tell him.  But in the process, she might have remembered to tell him this important thing, but she left something else important in the car after we got out.  The keys.

Now, I didn’t know the keys were in the car.  Either did Sheriff Brickle.  And in fact, we went about the rest of our day doing what we do.  But then a storm came up and Boy Person said he needed to move the car.  You see, if it rains, he has to park it on a hill so that the water doesn’t get inside.  Yeah.  True story.

It was about this time, it was realized by all involved that our only set of keys to the car were in the car.  It was realized that the other set of keys we haven’t been able to find for a month were not going to appear.

And it was realized that it was too late in the day to worry about it.  Most would wonder why we couldn’t just unzip the top to our Jeep like many Jeep owners would be able to do.  Most would wonder that.

But just like I hate pants, so the Jeep does too, and the zipper is broke.  Which means you don’t touch it for fear of never being able to get it back up.  It didn’t want us in there.  Guess it wants to keep all the dog hair to itself.

But as usual, Boy Person figures out a solution to everything. And once he figured out how to unzip it just enough, he told Girl Person that she could get ready to be lifted up and pushed thru the window to retrieve the keys.  And well, also as usual, others looking at the goings on of our day would wonder what in the world was happening.

The whole process was pretty quick.  The revelation that the car was flooded from the storm was pretty quick too.  And well, you had to just laugh about it all.  Because when one thing goes wrong, you can bet your butt that more things will go wrong.  And that night, when the rainstorm came up again, and Boy Person went to move the car, he turned the keys. The keys that at one point had been so valuable. And then.  Then, nothing happened.  The battery was dead.

You guessed it.  This would have been the last straw for Boy Person.  If not for more straws.

Because sometimes, you have to throw your paws up in the air and ignore the problems. Yep.  I said ignore them.  Maybe forget about them till the next day.  And that’s what Boy Person did as he took a run on the beach and then…the storm and lightening made him remember that he shouldn’t be there either.  And the keys? The keys to crazy were in his pocket, in his head, in his heart.  It had been a pretty rough day.


Life is like that too.  We can look and look for a certain thing to make us happy.  We can look for those keys and forget everything else around us.  We think that unless we find those keys, nothing will be good enough.  But what we forget is that just having keys doesn’t mean you will unlock your happy.  Your happy starts with you.  Not one thing.  Not one pair of keys.


So if you have been looking for your keys for awhile, think about what you are really searching for.  Can you start living now?  Sure, goals are good.  But don’t forget that part of the fun is getting there.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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