Wisconsin Cheese Curd Sweet Potato Delight For Dogs

Oh, Wisconsin. You surprised us with your farm fresh food, local organic treasures and the friendliness of your people! It wouldn’t be fair to leave your dog out of this local food frenzy!

Wisconsin loves their cheese, and one of their local delights are fresh, cheese curds. Often referred to as “squeaky cheese”, this is a fresh, unaged cheese perfect for sharing in moderation with your dog. We adopted a local dish often found in most restaurants, “poutine”. We made this dog friendly by using sweet potatoes.
As with all of our Recipes On The Road segments, you can definitely share this with your dog. BUT if you were making it for yourself, you could use regular, organic russet potatoes and slather your plate with gravy. Again, this version is for the dogs, and if you are trying to eat healthy.
Disclaimer: This recipe is not meant as a regular meal replacement. This is considered an occasional treat and should be limited in portion size. Always consult with a vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.
Wisconsin Cheese Curd Sweet Potato Delight For Dogs

1 large, organic, cooked sweet potato cooled and sliced.
1 organic, boneless chicken breast cooked, cooled and sliced.
1/2 cup fresh cheese curds. Mozzarella is great for dogs as it has lower fat.

Take all ingredients and arrange on a plate! That’s it! Enjoy!