Why My Senior Dog Needed Me More Than I Knew

Why My Senior Dog Needed Me More Than I Knew

Our dogs always need us. From the moment they walk into our hearts and our door, it is our responsibility to take care of their physical and emotional needs. This is especially important as our dogs get older.

This blog post is sponsored by Pet Releaf. But all opinions and experiences are our own.

I remember the days we adopted Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake like it happened yesterday.

I remember looking at them at the time and thinking that I would not let myself worry about how much time we had together or that they would be seniors one day. As much as I tried to remember this over the years and try to live in the moment, I was prepared that they would need me more as they got older. But it wasn’t in the ways I expected.

As people, we all have our own personalities. We all have our own likes and dislikes. Some of our personality traits are shaped by genetics. Many of our personality traits are shaped by what we have went thru in our lives, our lifestyle, and even circumstance. We know this to be true for ourselves. But do we recognize that our dogs are also individuals, or do we just think of them as a dog? If you’re reading this, most likely, your dog is special to you. Thank you for loving him.

We loved Digby Pancake for all of mischievous ways, his sense of humor and his sunshiney outlook on life. His illnesses the last five years of his life were not constant. But the bouts were constant reminders that our time was limited. So we were able to squeeze in a million hugs, kisses and words we needed to say.

However, I was not prepared for the toll that Digby’s illnesses had taken on Brickle during his life and after Digby passed away. My senior dog needed me. My senior dog needed me more than ever. But I did not realize it at first.

At first, I thought Brickle’s increase in appetite after Digby’s death wasn’t anything to be concerned about. I noticed he was sleeping more. He started gaining weight, which made him unable to stand up easily and to hike. He didn’t want to do anything. And it was partly my fault…well…all of my fault, for feeding him too much. Trying to drown my own sorrows and emotions was transferring over to Brickle. It finally took someone to tell me the hard truth. I wasn’t helping Brickle. He needed me more than ever. He didn’t need more food. He didn’t need gifts. He needed a purpose again. A reason to get up. A reason to hike. A reason to be his grumpy self. And so we adopted Fruitycake. I had no idea if it was the right decision. But I knew doing nothing was the wrong decision.

Fruitycake gave him a purpose to teach someone and to show someone the world. Fruitycake brought out his caring side, a softer side. He wanted to hike more. He wanted to travel again. But I could still see him struggling. And just in time, Pet Releaf released some new products.

You may know we’ve been using the organic CBD Pet Releaf products for years. We know they gave Digby a quality of life and years added to his life. For Brickle, his senior aches and pains aren’t life threatening. But if his quality of life diminishes and he is unable to hike or walk, that isn’t acceptable if I can do something to prevent it. And the Hip and Joint line gives us a way to help his years be the best they can be. He deserves that. And Fruitycake deserves a big brother.

Pet Releaf’s Hip and Joint Releaf Hemp oils and Edibites are available in different recommended dosages based on the a weight of your dog. We use the 600 mg size which is for medium and large dogs. You can find out the best dosages and products for your dog right on their website. It’s very easy and straightforward.

More vet visits, accidents in the house and decreased mobility may be what we expect with a senior dog. And yes. We have to help them. But our first question as our dogs get older should be how can I be a better friend to my dog?

Then ask yourself if there is something you could be missing. Is your dog’s mental health important to you? It should be. Knowing how you feel when you are sick, you may get depressed. Lethargic. Unmotivated. Our dog’s aches and pains can cause her to feel the same. Eliminating or helping that pain be less is possible with Pet Releaf.

“Pets will keep fetching, hiking, and swimming with our oil supplements designed specifically to promote mobility. Our oils make managing hip and joint discomfort a breeze – so your dog can get back to the zoomies. Our Hemp Oil is easily administered – simply place the dropper in your pet’s mouth.”-Pet Releaf’s website.

Yes. There is never enough time with our dogs. Our entire family misses Digby every day.

But Digby would want us to take care of Brickle as they took care of each other. And we appreciate and value the products from Pet Releaf which gives us an opportunity to give Brickle the best quality of life possible.

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