Western Plains Animal Refuge, Kansas

You may have heard Kansas’ state song, “Home On The Range”.

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,

Where the deer and the antelope play,

 Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,

  And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Our #26 state on the Adventure Of A Lifetime brought us to Kansas with friendly people, wide, open spaces and many surprises like Western Plains Animal Refuge.


We found out that this wonderful rescue has operated out of a few small locations, but never has had a real facility to call “home”. They are working so hard to change that, and we were excited to get the word out about this Kansas rescue.


Western Plains Animal Refuge is currently a foster based rescue. On this windy, sunny Kansas day true to its state song, we ventured far out into the country to the home of Brenden McCampbell, near Ellis, Kansas to meet with him and a valued volunteer, Kristin Reed.


According to their website, “It is the mission of Western Plains Animal Refuge to foster respect for all creatures, domestic and wild. We are dedicated to helping animals and our local community by providing shelter, foster, rehabilitation, adoption and outreach services.”


Many times, we read a shelter or rescue’s mission statement just as information. For Western Plains Animal Refuge, their mission is backed up by dedicated people with love for all animals, domestic and wild. They give everything they have, and its director even gives up his home to take care of these animals.  Because they need him.


Western Plains Animal Refuge was founded in 2006 by a veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Braun. Currently, this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is led by a new director and volunteers. Since its founding, WPAR has helped over 1,600 animals. Certainly, every life matters to them.


Every single rescue animal we meet has a story. One of the first dogs we met here at WPAR was Zeus.


As you will see in the latest episode of “Stop Hounding Me”, Zeus is a big boy with lots of energy, and love. Zeus was surrendered and would love a home to call his own again…this time forever.

Thank you to our donating companies this week, 4-Legger, SqueakNSnap, Bowser Beer and Your Dog’s Diner.

We met many animals on the beautiful piece of property that were saved by this wonderful rescue. Chickens, turkins (yes, this was a new one to us), turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, opossums and raccoons are just some of the animals they have helped.


But what is their approach to saving wildlife?


Due to laws and regulations, Brenden houses all the wild animals on his property to properly care for them around the clock.  What dedication he has to not only this organization, but to the animals he loves so very much.


WPAR is definitely a community “go to” for advice on wildlife rescue.  From residents calling Brenden’s personal phone at all hours for emergencies, to educating people on when to intervene in a wild animal’s welfare and when not to, WPAR does it all…with love.

They educate the community by holding events, by raising awareness for animals in their area, and the importance of fostering, adopting, spay and neutering efforts. We see the most successful rescues take the effort to do events like this.  Without education, efforts by the rescues meet resistance.  WPAR is certainly an example in this regard.


If you have ever taken your furkid to a veterinarian, you know how costly bills can be.  Imagine how much that cost goes up for a wild animal, or many wild animals and domestic animals combined.  These costs can overwhelm a rescue.  They also believe in being proactive in spaying and neutering…often having to drive many miles to be able to receive the care they can afford. If it is in your heart to donate to help more animals, please consider this worthy Kansas rescue.



Being able to build a facility to operate their rescue more efficiently is their main goal currently.  Fundraising is difficult, because the costs of medical care for their animals is their main concern.  It is our hopes that not only their immediate community, but the entire community of animal rescuers will come together to help them reach their goal. Once the new facility is constructed, WPAR will be able to operate more efficiently while helping more animals.


A fun way they are raising funds for this awesome facility is a “Friendship Wall”Donations can be made online and your name will be forever a part of making a difference for animals of all kinds in Kansas. Although Brenden’s home and the foster homes of WPAR are wonderful, a facility is a must.

So if you are not in Kansas, how can you help with their efforts in simple ways?  If we think of operating a rescue and the day to day essentials they need, it is overwhelming! When shopping on Amazon, consider adding an item or two like cat litter, or gloves on WPAR’s Amazon Wish-List!  Every single purchase makes a difference!

Seeing the love here on Brenden’s farm simply humbled us.  He has literally given all he has to make a difference for animals.  He said numerous times how “every life matters”.  He refuses to compromise principles and quality of care for those that need him.  He is determined to make this rescue grow and flourish in Kansas.  With volunteers like Kristin, we know…we absolutely know that Western Plains Animal Refuge will grow.  They will flourish.  They will save more lives and be around for the long term.


Western Plains Animal Refuge more than deserves their own “Home On The Range” for animals they have now and future animals to come.  Thank you to Brenden and Kristin for welcoming us to your farm, introducing us to the beautiful animals in your care, and to inspiring us to continue our Adventure Of A Lifetime!


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Check out their wonderful animals currently up for adoption

Find out how you can help by donating to their new facility!

Donate an item on their Amazon Wish-List

Be a part of their Friendship Wall

Contact to foster

Learn how you can volunteer

Check out their Facebook page for events and updates


The Western Plains Animal Refuge is a non-profit, volunteer-run, no-kill shelter for domestic animals.

203 East 7th Street Suite C
Hays, Kansas 67601


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