Springfield Humane Society, Springfield, Vermont

When you think of Vermont, you likely think of covered bridges and maple syrup! The animal rescuers that we met at the Springfield Humane Society Of Vermont were just as sweet as maple syrup! A caring, devoted, friendly place for homeless animals is what we found when we visited. And we hope that the animals we met here receive homes just as sweet as they deserve, but until then, their place of refuge is a sweet one too!


The Springfield Humane Society in Springfield, Vermont’s mission statement is a wonderful one. “The Springfield Humane Society is dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals by providing protection, compassionate, care and adoption services for homeless animals.  Through public education, we advocate for a humane community by promoting responsible pet ownership and prevention of cruelty to animals.”


This mission statement may sound simple. But how do they accomplish this? We saw by Facebook page posts the wonderful way they network lost and found pets in their community. We saw the many animals that found themselves here due to abuse, accidents, surrenders and other situations. They don’t just keep these special needs animals here until they are adopted. They rehabilitate them in many ways whether that be physical or emotional.


They also have fosters and many times the staff at the shelter and their board members foster as well. They go above and beyond for the animals in their care, and seeing all the many volunteers coming in and out to do their part from their community touched our hearts.


Many of these volunteers come daily, weekly, regularly. They have a special place that people can come and buy goods, all to support their shelter. We felt the love not only from the shelter to the community, but the community to the shelter. Surely as sweet as maple syrup!


Every shelter or rescue organization that we visit on our Adventure Of A Lifetime does something unique to help the animals in their care. Anne Eddy, the director of the Springfield Humane Society told us about the special way they enrich their shelter dogs’ experience when in their care. Anne took the time to research the best color for the kennel environment which is blue. They also play special music daily specially designed to calm shelter dogs. In addition, they use aromatherapy! Of course, dogs have an extreme sense of smell. Using special, essential oils in combination with the music, color and even natural sunlight makes a huge difference for the dogs in their care.


The cats aren’t left out either! With free roaming rooms and comfy accommodations, all of these touches make the animals more adoptable, balanced and socialized. With volunteers walking and exercising the dogs as well on a regular basis and a fenced in area to run, the Springfield Humane Society does everything in their power to make a difference. If animals could talk, they would give them a very big thank you.


Our latest episode of “Stop Hounding Me” was done in one of their cat rooms. But that didn’t stop the hounding…

We felt very privileged to visit this Vermont shelter and we thank Anne, June and Marissa for showing us around. When we visit, it takes time out of the their day and we know that time is a sacrifice. We can only hope that our visit makes a difference, and gives rescues like the Springfield Humane Society some long, overdue recognition for the things, big and small that they do every single day. Visit their Facebook page for happy beginning stories, updates on lost and found animals in the community and ways you can help.


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