Oreo’s Animal Rescue, Dickinson, North Dakota

North Dakota greeted us with rain and wind on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, but it couldn’t dampen our spirits to visit our rescue pick in Dickinson!


Oreo’s Animal Rescue was such a bright spot to our time in North Dakota. A foster-based rescue which is ran by a local veterinarian’s office is the definition of teamwork in saving animals.


Oreo’s Animal Rescue is run solely by volunteers and fosters and operate through the West Dakota Vet Clinic. Their goal is to work together to enhance the North Dakota community for all the people and animals that reside there. They also work hard to to educate people on the importance of responsible pet ownership, population control, and the lifelong commitment you make when you share your home with a pet. We pretty much love them.


Their website states their mission. “Oreo’s Animal Rescue is a nonprofit adoption guarantee organization committed to improving the lives of all animals. As an adoption guarantee organization, we embrace all animals and do not believe in the process of destroying them to control pet overpopulation. No animal in our control is ever euthanized unless they are suffering or considered dangerous. We believe that a strict spay and neuter policy is the only way to truly impact the number of unwanted animals in our community.”


When we walked in to the West Dakota Vet Clinic, we were enthusiastically greeted by the staff. We met Dr. Kim Brummond and Shelley Quandt, the Hospital Manager. If we lived in North Dakota, we would drive far and wide to bring our own dogs here. Such a caring group, we were thrilled we picked Oreo’s Animal Rescue as our North Dakota pick.


I asked Dr. Brummond what made her want to be a vet.  She told me that there was never a “plan B”. This is what she was meant to do, and started this clinic in 1986.  Her years of experience and care certainly carry over to Oreo’s Animal Rescue.  She introduced me to her dog Juneau who was one of her rescues.  Juneau was severely abused, but certainly, her joyful and happy attitude blossomed under Dr. Brummond’s care.


We also met Bonnie, a seven month old, energetic sweetie who will be available for adoption!


Both Juneau and Bonnie joined Boy Person, Dr. Brummond and Shelly on the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me.  Dr. Brummond explains one of the most interesting rescue projects we have ever heard of, and where Bonnie will be making a difference for trouble youths!

As Dr. Brummond explains, Oreo’s Animal Rescue works with Home On The Range. Troubled youths train puppies like Bonnie and are responsible for their care, feeding and training.  The goal of this is for youths to learn skills about responsibility and teamwork, and for the puppies to receive great care, training and to be prepared for a forever home.  How awesome is this?!


One of their passions at Oreo’s Animal Rescue is educating the community on the importance of spaying and neutering. According to their website, “The Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (S.N.I.P.) is an ongoing community outreach program that helps pet owners with the cost of a spay or neuter procedure. The program grants pet owners $15 towards the procedure, encouraging them to join our spay and neuter mission. Promote responsible pet ownership and have a positive impact on the community by having your pet spayed or neutered today.”


When visiting other rescues and shelters across the country, we have noticed that the most successful are the ones that work TOGETHER with other rescues, shelters and even animal control.  As Dr. Brummond and Shelly explained, “we are all on the same team” and are working for a common goal in saving and rescuing animals. They work with local animal control and rescues to give the animals in their community a chance at life.  The spirit in which Oreo’s Animal Rescue is run is inspiring to us.  A veterinarian like Dr. Brummond who is so busy has decided that she WILL make a difference in many ways for the animals in her community.  And as Shelly explained to us with tears in her eyes, it is so nice to work for a doctor who will help the animals who need help, and there is never any question to do so.


We hope there is never any question for you to “do so” either.  Oreo’s Animal Rescue in Dickinson, North Dakota reminds us that for every horrible animal abuse story you hear, there are people like this who are writing success stories. And we thank them for all that they do.

Clover, Available Thru Oreo’s Animal Rescue

Thank you to Shelly, Dr. Brummond and their entire staff and doctors for graciously allowing us an inside look at their operation.  A rescue like Oreo’s Animal Rescue is always in need of donations for their work to continue.  They certainly put their donations to a wonderful use in the community.

If you are unable to adopt, please consider helping their cause with a tax-deductable donation to Oreo’s Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization. Suggested donation amounts:

  • $25 – Feeds 2 cats for 4 weeks
  • $50 – Feeds 1 dog for 6 weeks
  • $75 – Vaccinates 10 pets for rabies
  • $150 – Sponsors 10 S.N.I.P. discounts

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Read About The Programs Available Thru Oreo’s Animal Rescue

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