One Step Closer Animal Rescue, Andover, New Jersey

This Adventure Of A Lifetime is not only about exploring all the 48 contiguous states with our dogs, but giving attention to a paw-picked rescue in each state. We picked One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR) in Andover, New Jersey for many reasons.

According to their website, “One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R.) in New Jersey, is a non-profit rescue organization that saves dogs and cats from desperate situations. We rescue pets from overcrowded shelters where animals are euthanized due to lack of space. O.S.C.A.R. volunteers care for these pets in our network of foster homes where they receive the loving care they deserve. We ensure that all pets in our care receive the proper veterinary attention and vaccinations, and that the animals are spayed/neutered. All of O.S.C.A.R.’s dogs and cats are great animals that deserve loving homes.”


We ran across their Facebook page and immediately knew that they were trying their hardest for the animals in their community. Being a foster based rescue for years, they realized that they could help more animals in their area by having an actual shelter facility as well. They purchased a beautiful piece of property that we visited on our New Jersey stop, and we were able to see what progress they have made, and we could also picture the progress yet to come. The animals in their community are so very fortunate to have them on their side.IMG_0415.JPG

We spoke with Anthony who is a manager at OSCAR.  And we definitely “hounded” him!

Many volunteers rushed out to greet us with we arrived, and Anthony welcomed us as well. He so graciously took time to show us the building they had purchased that has room for 40 kennels. We could see not only the hard work that all of these volunteers were doing on this property, but the spirit in which they were doing it.


Animal rescue is certainly overwhelming. And renovating an old building in need of many repairs is an undertaking all it’s own. But you would never know the task ahead of these volunteers was anything but joyous. They recognize that the hard work they are putting forth for this rescue, and the animals that they will be able to save by having this facility will make all of this work worth it.


One of the creative ways that they are financing their renovation efforts is by personalized pavers up for sale. A $100 donation will go directly with the cost of ongoing repairs. If you have ever built a home or renovated a home, you know how quickly expenses can add up. You can purchase a paver here.

The most successful rescues we have visited thus far on our Adventure Of A Lifetime recognize the importance of networking their animals in many different ways. OSCAR is heavily involved in community adoption events, and by the posts on their Facebook page, they need as many fosters and volunteers that they can get. Foster and people to support their efforts are just as needed as funds for the renovation projects as Anthony told us. Without people to support their mission, they cannot accomplish what they need to. So if you live in the New Jersey area, consider donating your time to helping the animals in this community.


Can you imagine how beautiful this facility will be upon completion? We cannot wait to check back on their progress in the months to come. Brickle and Digby would like to thank all the volunteers for their special welcome to them upon our visit. Not only did they help us pull off some ticks that had crept their way on them in the woods, but they helped us during the video taping progress which we will admit that we to redo three times! Many don’t see the “behind the scenes” efforts of our Adventure Of A Lifetime. It takes all of us, working together to accomplish the most important mission of our trip. To “Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice”. And OSCAR? You are an inspiration to us all. You have untaken a huge task at hand and are happily trying to accomplish it with the help of many happy, special volunteers. We know that you will be rewarded!


Visit their website for current events and information

Visit their Facebook page for current adoptables

Purchase a paver to support renovation efforts here