One Love Animal Rescue In Savannah, Georgia

IMG_7815Our first animal rescue stop on our Adventure Of A Lifetime brought us to One Love Animal Rescue in Savannah, Georgia.  It was our privilege to meet the founders, fosters and volunteers in Forsyth Park on a beautiful, gorgeous day.

One Love Animal Rescue helps abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted pets in the Savannah, GA area by partnering with shelters, rescue groups and the community to facilitate adoption of these animals into permanent and loving homes.

One Love Animal Rescue, Inc. of Savannah, GA is a non-profit organization and all donations directly benefit the animals entrusted in their care.

What stood out to us about this rescue was how quickly they responded to our emails and their well functioning website with current lists and pictures of adoptable animals.  Running a rescue is definitely not possible without foster parents, and it became apparent quickly that this group was a tight-knit one and worked well together to get all facets of their rescue running efficiently, all for the betterment of their animals.

They told us many stories of abuse, neglect and simply unforeseen circumstances that their animals had been rescued from.  It would not be possible to tell all of their stories, so instead, we will direct you to their website so that you can see for yourself the wonderful animals they have saved.


But they cannot keep doing this alone.  Please consider helping this rescue. How? Simply share an adoptable animal from their website or Facebook page.  If you are in the Savannah, Georgia area, please consider fostering.  And if you are so inclined, make a donation, no matter how small.  And tell them 2 Traveling Dogs sent you!


Again, we thank Pam Bedon and all of the wonderful founders and volunteers that welcomed us to Savannah, Georgia.  We also thank our sponsors for their donations as well; SqueakNSnap, Bowser Beer and Your Dog’s Diner.

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