Instead Of Buying Fireworks, Spend Your Money On Rescue Animals

It amazes me the lengths we as humans go to in order to have some excitement in our lives. Life is hard. Life is hectic. Life is stressful. And we all need a break and a release from the pressures of every day life.

But when we consider how to have fun, especially during certain holidays like July 4th, are we considering others who may be affected? Or are we just going with what the crowd does?

If you have a dog in your life that is scared of loud noises, maybe you can relate to my experience with my rescue dog Digby Pancake. He was a former hunting dog that was turned into the shelter because he was afraid of loud noises and especially gunshots. Obviously, this did not make for a good hunting companion. But he did find his way into our hearts and our family for almost 12 years.

Yet the trauma that he had endured stayed with him all of his life.

Digby not have been a large dog in size, but his strength was enormous. And when he heard even a faint noise of a gunshot or worse, fireworks, he would do whatever he could to get away. Even if he didn’t know where he was going. He would pull me down a mountain, thru traffic, in a thunderstorm to go who knows where! He just knew he had to run. And he took me with him. In all of those years, he never got over it. And every year when July 4th, New Years and random holidays came about, I was petrified he would run away.

I often wondered if the people setting off fireworks thought about others. Or if they just didn’t. Think. Sometimes, unless someone else gives us another point of view on how our actions are impacting others, we may not even know.

Of course, some people don’t care about others at all. This article is not for them. It is for those of us who realize our actions do impact others, even if we mean no direct harm. So this year, can we spend our money or time on rescue animals instead of fireworks? Here are some suggestions!

Buy treats and interactive games for shelter animals! Shelter animals need the extra love and attention. Imagine being all alone and hearing loud noises that you don’t understand. Treats and interactive toys may help some of these animals.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue in the days leading up to and after July 4th. More animals go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year. Shelters and rescues could certainly use your help to prepare the animals and exercise the animals, and to help with emergencies.

If celebrating with firework shows is still part of your activities that day, leave your pet at home. Do not take chances. But please…reconsider. Think of the affects on wildlife, people with PTSD and your pets. Stay at home, watch a good movie and have a great snack with your pet. When we know better, we do better. Do better. Spend your money and time on helping animals. Not hurting them.

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