Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Sedona, Arizona

If you believe that rescued animals deserve a chance at life, whether they are young or old, healthy or in need of care, perfectly behaved or in need of understanding, you are not alone. But who is willing to put forth the extra effort, time and expense to GIVE these animals a chance?


Meet the wonderful people behind Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab in Sedona, Arizona!


When we picked Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab to highlight in Arizona, we knew they were special. Not only could we see by their Facebook page that they cared above and beyond for the animals in their care, but we saw the teamwork they displayed with a local veterinarian, Dr. Cinda.


Teamwork may seem like a simple thing, and something that we are taught about in school growing up. But for animal rescuers who are often highly emotional when it comes to their “job”, it is easier said than done. The good people in animal rescue often have their own way of doing things, and that makes it sometimes difficult to work with other rescuers as well. However, the most successful rescues and shelters that we have visited so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime are those that DO make teamwork a part of their responsibilities. And for Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, they are a shining example of how to do so by not only working with a local vet and shelter, but by integrating their professional way of making a living a means of running their rescue.


In Sedona, the founders of this rescue have chosen to support their rescue efforts by operating one of the most unique pet stores around, Golden Bone Pet Products.  This store carries only healthy, environmentally conscious, unique pet products.  And Brickle and Digby LOVED it!


On an absolutely typical, gorgeous, Sedona day, we filmed the latest episode of “Stop Hounding Me” with the beautiful founders, Nadia Callow and Angela Windolph and service dog in training, Holly.  You will be inspired by the many different kinds of animals that they help, and the magical people that make it happen!

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According to their website, “Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned, neglected and abused animals and thoughtfully placing them in safe and loving foster and permanent homes. We are committed to promoting local spay neuter programs, which ultimately eases needless suffering in our animal community.”

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In 2002, co-founders Nadia Caillou and Angela Windolph started Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab. They started with a huge case of animal abuse, the Baldwin Park Chihuahua case in California which had over 270 dogs found in horrible conditions. They realized that only with severe rehabilitation could these animals be helped and this was just the start. The animal rescue world needed them and they were confident they could do it! When we spoke with Nadia and Angela, we were impressed by their sense of humor despite cases like this that they have been involved in.  Angela spoke of a time when she had numerous puppies in her car, getting locked out, and dealing with the envitable, indescribable mess afterwards.  This impressed us very much.  Rescue fatigue is a real thing.  It takes a sense of humor and determination to keep going.  And if our day with them was any indication, they are in it for years to come.


Nadia happily related to us how she had grown up in the film industry and around animals, often being tasked with taking care of wild animals.  She believes that every journey and experience in her life led her up to this point.  And the animals she cares for now are certainly fortunate for her expertise!

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As the video explains, Golden Bone’s Furever Foster Program is the heart of this rescue. They believe that every animal is more than a pet, and that they are family. They believe that all dogs deserve a home and a love filled life, no matter how sick, old, dependent or unwanted they are.


As they told us, when a person nears end of life, or needs assistance, are they just “kicked to the curb” so to speak? Or are they taken care of until the end, enjoying and appreciating every moment they have left?


It is no different with with the animals that need their help. So through their Furever Foster Program, they strive to ensure that those animals that need them the most are taken care of, even though they may not be able to be rehomed. They still receive the care, compassion and dignity that they deserve…no matter what the cost. They know that the final moments in life are worth just as much as the first. But to continue this program, they need YOUR help. They need OUR help. And just like the animals they are helping, they deserve that for their love and efforts.

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But in order to rehabilitate dogs physically, that is where Dr. Cinda comes in. Dr. Cinda could simply care for these animals physically and send them on their way. But when you meet this “Superwoman”, you realize that she would never think to do so.


Dr. Cinda saw a need in the veterinary world. She saw high prices being charged to people who could not afford it, and animals not given a chance. After working in other areas, Dr. Cinda knew the obstacles she would face in starting her own, mobile vet clinic, Verde Valley Mobile Vet.

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Dr. Cinda remarked that she had saw too many animals die that she knew she could have helped. As well, Dr. Cinda was looking to make a difference in other ways. She wanted to work with a rescue that put the animals first and that would work together with other rescues and shelters like the Jerome Humane Society in their area. Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab more than fit the bill.  She liked the way this community worked together, including with the Humane Society.  There were no egos, just a common goal of making a real difference.


Oftentimes, the animals end up staying with Dr. Cinda for long amounts of time, or even until the end of their lives. She is simply one of the most inspiring persons we have ever met. To hear her speak of success cases like building a dog a new paw, or fixing a dog’s eyes who most likely could have never seen again was just…amazing.

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One story left us speechless and in tears.  She told us about a pair of hawks. The male had been severely injured and brought to her for help. It took her months to get this hawk ready to be released, giving him medicine by hand. She kept telling us that her goal was to get him back to his mate. She kept talking to her…”hang in there! He will be back soon!” And when he was released, guess who was waiting? Yes. With tears in her eyes, she told us that those are the moments she lives for.


Rosie, who was beneath our feet was told she could never walk again.


But with rehabilitation, she is getting stronger, day by day.

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Many may not have ever heard of Dr. Cinda unless you are in this area. But everyone should. If there was ever a miracle worker, this is the vet. And without her, Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab could simply not do what they do. THIS is teamwork manifested in its best degree.


Dr. Cinda, is one of our favorite two legged persons we have met on this trip. When we arrived at her home, in an undisclosed location, we knew we were in for a treat. Alpacas, horses, dogs, cats…they were all here.


Every one of these animals had a story and every one of these animals were so fortunate.


To say that Dr. Cinda is devoted, caring and focused is an understatement.


She became a vet later in life, but knew it was her calling all along.  As she showed us pictures of “before and afters” in her meticulously clean mobile clinic, she shined with pride and excitement.  For her, the cases that are most dire and difficult are the ones she embraces.  Is this a high paying job?  Often, it is a no paying job monetarily.  And there is considerable expense to do so.  But as Rosie, one of her patients who had no hope in walking again played in front of us, we could see she was a miracle worker.  But had Rosie got here to receive the care and chance she needed from the efforts of one person or one organization?  No. When Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab takes in an animal, most often, that animal needs extensive medical care. Sometimes, the prognosis is not good. As we toured Dr. Cinda’s property while taking an alpaca on a walk, I contemplated how much I wanted the world to know about Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab and Dr. Cinda of Verde Valley Mobile Vet. To outsiders, they seem like any ordinary rescue or vet. But with teamwork and a sincere and loving goal to help the animals that need them, they have accomplished miracles together. It is our hope that you are moved just as much by their generosity as we were. Click on the links below to find out how YOU can help them continue what they do.

It is not often that a group of people work so seamlessly together for a common goal.  Not only was the scenery in Sedona, Arizona inspiring to us, but meeting Nadia, Angela and Dr. Cinda might have overshadowed its beauty!


If they were not here to help animals in their biggest time of need, who would help?  We can only hope that the country and the world sees the amount of work they do, the love behind it, and to know that the animals they have saved, loved and cherished all mattered. Every single one.


Brickle and Digby want to thank Nadia and Angela for letting them hang out in Golden Bone Pet Products during the interview and filming of Stop Hounding Me. Also, thanks for the treats!


If you are in the Sedona area, stop by at 3080 W. State Rte. 89A, suite A, Sedona, AZ   86336.

And keep checking their Facebook page for happy, success stories and their latest events.

Donate today for the animals in the care of Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab and for the ones they are trying to help in the future

Find out how you can foster

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See their adoptables

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Mail donations to:

Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab
PO BOX 2547
Sedona, AZ. 86336-6135

Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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  1. Charles St George DC

    Hi Dr Cinda, Dr St George here. Looking for a small dog like a chuiweenie to adopt. please let me know. Thanks

  2. Raven

    **** NEED RECOMMENDATION FOR VET EXTRAORDINAIRE THAT IS MORE ABOUT THE HUMANITY AND THE PET THAN THE BANKROLL**** My lil 1 year old female Scottish Terrier Maya- is due to be spayed by end of June preferably. In the past 35 years of my history with Scotties all the vets I have chosen had allowed my presence during procedures. I have experience in OR’s for humans and now w pets. The least restrictive vets *due to lack of space in some OR’s* – was *permission to stay until the anesthesia was applied* and *I was right there as they were coming out of the haze*. I found that makes a HUGE difference not only in their recovery (I also take them home right away as soon as they are somewhat stable). i also feel that we are all over-drugged in surgeries. On March 30th I had a 4 1/2 hour 4-way uro gyno surgery at almost 70 yrs old- w NO pain meds b4 during or after nor anesthesia … YES I of course had an epidural (lol) and it took years to find a progressive surgeon and a reluctant Anesthesiologist to go along with me “as long as I was fine”. Needless to say I healed almost immediately and lost no energy … drove myself home from Phoenix to Sedona next day. I stunned the practitioners and *they had never* anyway … that is a story for my documentary re STATE OF BEING & DNA Healing. And another reason for finding a closer forever local vet that doesn’t hold your pet hostage for dollars. BACK TO MAYA ~ I now have my 3rd pair- 14 mos apart. My boy Indigo is 2 yrs and 3 mos & neutered a year ago. My excellent vet Cinda V from Camp Verde, had a mobile unit accommodating surgeries but since her shoulder operation is no longer offering mobile services. Camp Verde is a long drive back with a spayed pet if I can avoid the long ride after w her. Looong story but hey … My FurKidz are my KIDZ ~ They don’t stay long and I want the best I can offer in emotional and physical care ~ If any one can recommend someone wonderful please PM me or call 928-202-5566 Thank you for your time ~ <3 Raven

  3. Mary White

    Miss seeing you in Camp Verde. Harley always enjoyed a new toy after his grooming. Sadly he is over the Rainbow Bridge. And our only fur baby is Sam, a Sedona Humane Society rescue. He will be 21 in a few months. Blessings on all you do for the animals. Namaste

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