Glamping With My Dogs For The First Time At Kingston Downs

This special blog post is sponsored by Kingston Downs in Rome, Georgia. We received free accommodations in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. We have traveled with our dogs since 2011 and we started full-time travel with our dogs in 2016. In recent months, we’ve traded in our RV and camping lifestyle in order to get ready for a move abroad. We are in a bit of a transition period. And so finding new and exciting ways to travel with our dogs until that move is our current way of life!
So when we saw the glamping tents online at Kingston Downs in Rome, Georgia, we knew we had to try them out!
We get many questions from our readers and followers on where they can travel to with their dogs on a weekend trip or longer. And if you are like us and have never went glamping with you dog, we can wholeheartedly recommend the beautiful, spacious and fancy glamping tents at Kingston Downs.
We’re happy to welcome your dogs to Kingston Downs during your getaway. After all, we know how much they enjoy running and playing in wide open spaces just like we do.
Whether you have a trusty bird dog or simply a cuddly companion, we’re more than happy to accommodate them. The best part is that almost all our accommodations are dog-friendly, so you can be rest assured that your four-legged pals will have a great time too! The only exception is The Nest Cottage, which we have designated as a pet-free space to cater to all preferences.
These tents are a great introduction to camping with your dog. The first thing that we noticed when pulling in to the tent area was a sign. Obviously, Kingston Downs knew the way to our hearts.
Choose your favorite of six safari-style tents situated among rolling hills and woodlands. Each are furnished for your comfort and are climate-controlled to enjoy year-round. You will have places to sit, places to eat, and if you must, places to charge your phone!
Since I love to cook when we are traveling, I was excited that these tents even have a small refrigerator inside to hold all the snacks and ingredients for a grill night. It gave me an excuse to take a break from the stove and get outside.
We stayed in the Arrowhead tent with Brickle and Fruitycake.
What I liked most about these glamping tents was actually where they were located. Kingston Downs has over 5,000 acres of land in Rome, Georgia. And we truly felt that we had the whole place to ourselves.
There are endless hiking trails and room to run! 5,000 acres offers endless opportunity for exploration. Whether you choose to hike our Scout’s Loop trail through miles of woodlands and rolling hills or paddle along the historical waters of the Etowah River, there is an adventure for everyone at Kingston Downs. Discover the natural beauty of our land at every bend as you explore, play, and experience a deeper connection with nature and yourself.
Now, as much as we loved, loved, loved these glamping tents, you do have to ruff it just a bit! There is a centralized bathhouse, so you will need to bring a flashlight for those bathroom breaks at night.
But let me assure you, these are the cleanest bathhouses we have seen in all of our years of travel. And if your dog needs a bit of cleaning up too, there are outdoor showers and a faucet. There is also clean water bowls for the pups!
What we liked most about Kingston Downs was the whole property. We feel camping and travel is more than just where you sleep. Our dogs have to feel welcome, relaxed and fulfilled.
Brickle and Fruitycake were able to stretch their legs and relax and recharge. They also were able to walk from the tent to the river.
They were able to take long car rides around the property with the windows down.
And at night, the sounds of nature and twinkling stars lulled us to a peaceful night’s rest. In all our years on the road, I slept better than any other time and the beds were absolute heaven. I need one, Kingston Downs! Joking but not joking.
If you want a magical experience with your dog and a getaway from this hectic, crazy life we all have Fl endure, head this weekend to Kingston Downs in Rome, Georgia. Stop at the store before arrival so that you don’t have to leave! Get ingredients to cook out on the outdoor fire pit with a grill. And ask for firewood when you make your reservation.
We provide dog bowls and we provide a small pack of dog treats for them. There is a faucet and outdoor shower if they get dirty paws. You will need to bring your dog(s) bedding, dog towels and leash.
We all think that we have plenty of time in life to travel and explore. But our dogs have even less time on this earth than we do.
Make time to spend glamping with your dog and make memories to last both of your lifetimes.
Thank you, Kingston Downs for welcoming us with open paws and we hope to visit again one day! -2 Traveling Dogs Make your reservation today at

Kingston Downs Gore Springs Road SE Rome, Georgia 30161 (706) 310-5150
    • Absolutely no dogs on furniture or in the bed.
    • Pets must be leashed when using shared guests spaces.
    • Pets must be crated when left unattended.
    • Please pick-up your dogs poo.
    • No pets allowed in The Nest Cottage.

Glamping Fee

$45/pet per reservation