This is part of our guest blog series. Enjoy this blog from Sami Zabner, a 2 Traveling Dogs friend.  You can visit her blog here! 


He was my first love. 

He was gentle, powerful, strong willed, with a larger than life presence. 

He held my pain when I didn’t feel like I could carry on. 

He taught me how to communicate in a completely new way. 

With him I learned responsibility, trust, and discipline. 

We broke out of our comfort zones together. 

He was my reason to stay alive when all other reasons had dropped away. 

There were nights that I would sit on his floor in silence and cry until I had no more tears. 

There were mornings when I was with him before I had breakfast because I was all too excited to start our day. 

He kissed my cheek so tenderly and hugged me in ways no one else had ever done before. 

Together we learned new skills, tricks, and a new level of possibilities. 

He came to me out of nowhere and brought me places I never knew existed. 

He was more than my first love. 

He was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my greatest teacher, and the love of my life. 

Nickers was a quarter horse appaloosa who saved my life. 

He redirected my attention during trying teenage years. 

He softened the fall when my parents divorced.

We placed 8th in the world together in the summer of 2006.

I didn’t know a love like this was real.

He is way more than just a horse. 

He was, and forever will be, a piece of my heart. 

And I’m so grateful that he was able to meet my daughter before he passed away. 

-Sami Zabner

Sami is a good friend of 2 Traveling Dogs, helping animals and people alike.  You can support Sami’s artwork by visiting her Etsy Shop here!