Bun Bun Brigade, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

It has been said that a rabbit is the perfect combination of a dog and a cat! We have to admit, we hadn’t given much thought before to this side of animal rescue. That is before we met and visited the Bun Bun Brigade rabbit rescue in Elizabethtown, Kentucky on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.


According to the Bun Bun Brigade’s website, “Rabbits are arguably the cutest animal that has ever graced a human’s home. When one of these little angels hops over to you and places two of the cutest little furry feet on your leg, peering directly into your eyes in hopes of treats and a stroking touch, your heart will melt. Rabbits are quiet.  No barking.  No yowling. And rabbits can be litter box trained.  Yes.  Really.  They can be trained to go in a litter box just like a cat.  And that can free them to hop around behind you like a faithful loving little shadow, or to pop onto the couch where you are sitting and stretch out next to you.” We think that Big Brown, who is up for adoption would be the cutest little addition to your forever home.


Kentucky was definitely a beautiful state that surprised us, and this rabbit rescue seemed to add to the wonderful surprises. We were introduced to all of the furry, adoptable rabbits on a cold, rainy Kentucky day.


But our hearts were certainly warmed after seeing the care, love and dedication given to these rabbits by two of the Bun Bun Brigade directors Chelsea and Robin who spent the afternoon with us.


The day spent with the Bun Bun Brigade was a learning experience for us. We did not know that there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare which you may see outside in your yard!

Rabbits in fact are not native to the United States, but were brought over from other areas. Therefore, that cuddly “rabbit” you may see in your yard is actually a hare. Rabbits cannot live in the wild, and hares should not be kept as pets. Two totally different animals, this was our first indication that the Bun Bun Brigade has their work cut out for them in many ways, not only in finding these rabbits forever homes, but in education work as well. We were humbled. Even though they take great pride in educating children on the right way to care for their rabbits, one of MY first questions was do rabbits like affection? How do I pet them? They answered all of our questions with knowledge, enthusiasm and their experience showed through.


Why is a rabbit good for so many people?  According to the Bun Bun Brigade, “Rabbits don’t take up a lot of space.  You say you live in a studio apartment?  That’s all the space a rabbit needs.  Just slip a modest sized cage into the corner, leave the door open, and Zoom!  Your apartment seems huge to your fuzzy little buddy!”

I have to say that after meeting all of the cute “buns” here in Kentucky, my heart did melt. Why were rabbits forgotten in the animal rescue scene?


Often, shelters are not equipped with supplies and or knowledge to take and place a rabbit. Therefore, when these rabbits are turned away from shelters, people mistakenly think that they can just set them free outside. After all, they see other “rabbits” in the wild. But as Chelsea told us, rabbits are not prepared to be outside like a hare. And they will die. This is where rabbit rescues like the Bun Bun Brigade come in, to save lives, to educate. And to place these rabbits in loving homes where adopters realize the long commitment that they will be making. Long term? Rabbits can live up to 10-12 years. That is a very good thing if you love your rabbit.  But if you are not prepared for this commitment, this is when many people call the Bun Bun Brigade.  They may have gotten a rabbit for their children, or during certain holidays and no longer want to care for their bun.  The Bun Bun Brigade does not turn anyone away.  Their hearts are in this to save lives, and they will find a way to do that whether it be through their volunteers transporting, or networking on social media.


The Bun Bun Brigade is a “private rabbit rescue operating out of Elizabethtown, KY.” We asked Chelsea and Robin why this rescue was started. Chelsea explained that when she lived in a small apartment, she wanted a pet but realized that a dog or cat were not for her at that time in her situation. She looked for a rescue rabbit and found one, then realized her furkid would like a companion. Then, after many other experiences, found a need in her community for discarded rabbits. She realized that a shelter environment was not for rabbits, nor were any shelters taking them for rescue. She therefore started the Bun Bun Brigade out of a love for rabbits and their potential, unknown to many people looking for pets, to be an absolute perfect companion for many.


Robin as well was looking for a rabbit after helping a wild hare on the side of the road and getting attached to furry noses and soft fur. She visited the Bun Bun Brigade to consider adopting a rabbit and not only adopted, but started to volunteer as well, and decided to get more involved.


We can see what caring directors Robin and Chelsea are. They knew each rabbit in a way that touched me. From knowing their favorite treats, to their environmental likes and dislikes, these rabbits are certainly fortunate that they hopped into their care like Big Brown you will meet in our latest episode of Stop Hounding Me which we changed up to Stop Hop-pening with some other cute buns for adoption!

Thank you to our donating companies this week, 4-Legger, SqueakNSnap, Bowser Beer, Laurie Duperier, author of The Endless Path and New Zealand’s Best.

Can the Bun Bun Brigade do what they do alone? Absolutely not.  Like many rescues, not only do they depend on monetary and supply donations, but they depend on veterinarians to assist them not only for injured animals, but spay and neuter services as well.


Robin mentioned that many of their rabbits have literally been saved by Dr. Karen Lazas of Companion Animal Hospital.  Dr. Lazas not only donates her time, but has provided free medical care. She continues to be their  go-to vet and they are forever grateful to her. She has even adopted two rabbits from the Bun Bun Brigade!  How amazing the animal rescue world can be when people from all walks of life and professions work together for the common good and welfare of animals.


The Bun Bun Brigade WANTS people to know how awesome rabbits can be as a pet and forever companion and family member.  Since many are not knowledgeable, like us, on how to properly care for a rabbit, the Bun Bun Brigade helps their adopters, even after adoption. They provide training resources and advice and let people know the importance of spaying and neutering!  The care that Robin and Chelsea exhibit for their community as a whole is invaluable, even by reaching out to find their bunnies homes through events and pet supply stores in their area.


Like many of the rescues we have visited on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, we left the Bun Bun Brigade feeling inspired and admittingly wanting to adopt a rescue rabbit one day!  We hope that after seeing the wonderful animals in their care, if your situation allows, you will consider either providing one of their rabbits with a forever home, donating monetarily, or by sending supplies. Even sharing their adoptable rabbits from their Facebook page helps their cause by perhaps reaching a potential adopter!


We thank the Bun Bun Brigade not only for what they do, but educating us, our fans, and providing a safe haven for rabbits in beautiful Kentucky.

Check out the Bun Bun Brigade’s website to see if adopting a rabbit is right for you, what you will need for supplies and general rabbit information!

See their adoptable bunnies 

Pick up a thing or two for the bunnies on their Amazon Wish-List 

Donate to the Bun Bun Brigade to help them save more rabbits!

Find out how you can volunteer to help the Bun Bun Brigade 

Like the Bun Bun Brigade’s Facebook page to see adorable pics, videos, events and adoptable rabbits! 

Visit the Bun Bun Brigade’s Website at www.bunbunbrigade.org



Brickle and Digby thank the wonderful state of Kentucky for its hospitality, beautiful scenery and dedicated animal rescuers.


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