Baywater Animal Rescue, Cambridge, Maryland

When we were driving to Baywater Animal Rescue in Cambridge, Maryland, we admired the beautiful, country scenery.


We could not have imagined that the people and animals at this rescue would be even more beautiful in their dedication, hearts and care for each other and the animals at their rescue.

When we pulled into the driveway, a group of people almost ran outside to greet us. They were so happy that we were there, and we were overwhelmed. When we visit the rescues and shelters on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, honestly, we are never sure what to expect. We were so happy to receive such a warm welcome.


What IS Baywater Animal Rescue? They are the Mid-Shore’s leading No-Kill Animal Shelter in Maryland and have been doing so since 1947! Yes, we said 1947! According to their Facebook page, their mission is to provide safe shelter, find loving homes and promote respect. They offer wonderful pets for adoption and we got to meet quite a few on our visit.

Almost immediately, we were told we could take Brickle and Digby into their play yard. This yard was completely fenced and was a great place for dogs to run and be socialized. They brought out Copper, a sweet boy who happily played and ran with Brickle and Digby. Shortly thereafter, we conducted our interview.



We got the VIP tour not only of their dog facilities, but the cats as well. It was apparent by the efficient way the office is ran and the cleanliness of this shelter that they take their job and their mission seriously but that they have fun and respect for each other while doing so.


It is apparent to us on this Adventure Of A Lifetime that there are still people who care. Rescues like Baywater Animal Rescue  who operate on little to no funds, spend their lives helping their animals and also the community are out there! Baywater even operates scheduled times for the community to come and pick up food for their animals for free. All of this requires a lot of work. And we thank them for everything they do and also for setting an example for other shelters to follow.


And we can’t forget the wine. It’s not often that we get gifts, and well, when it is wine from a local winery, Layton’s Chance, we say again how overwhelmed we were.


We will never forget our visit to this special rescue. And we know they will be in operation for a long time to come.


Visit their website at to find out how to help and donate
Visit their Facebook page for the most current adoptable animals