Are You Prepared For An Emergency While Traveling With Your Dog?

This special post is sponsored by Good Sam. We have received compensation for this post, but all opinions are our own.

There are many things that could go right on your next road trip with your dog! You could have the most epic hike ever!

You could find the snack of all snacks to share together! You could find out that you and your dog are planning the next trip before that one is even over! But let’s face it. There are things that could go wrong on the next road trip with your dog.

But don’t despair! With the right precautions ahead of time, you can be prepared for the worst, but expect the best!

Our dogs mean everything to us, but I am not the most organized person. I prefer to go where the wind blows! But when traveling with our dogs, we do have that added responsibility to make sure they are taken care of, even if an emergency occurs.

Are You Prepared For An Emergency While Traveling With Your Dog?

If you are traveling, you know to bring your identification. The same goes for your dog.

Vet and Vaccination Records

Personally, when we first started traveling with Brickle and Digby, I was so excited about the destinations we were going to visit, and planned all of our hikes and dog friendly excursions at each place we traveled to. But one day, when we got to a campground in Maine and they required to see their vaccination records, I panicked. Where were the records? In the RV or in the car?

This campground would not honor our reservation without these records, and after about an hour of searching, we found them. But if we would have just taken the simple step to have copies in both the RV and the car, and to know exactly where they were located, it would have saved us a lot of trouble and time. After this experience, we always knew where to find the dogs’ records.

Important records to have on file:

Vaccination records or titer test results

Medication names and dosage amounts

Heart-worm test results

Microchip information

A list of your dog’s allergies

Your primary veterinarian’s contact information

Pet insurance plan information

Good Sam Travel Assist Member # (We will get to that later!)

We travel in remote areas and sometimes, it is hard to find a vet quickly for small injuries or sickness. As well, often, we do not have cell service. Having a first aid kit prepared for your pet is crucial.

First Aid Kit

Our Digby Pancake was definitely accident prone! On a trip to the mountains of North Carolina, he cut his paw. We took out our first aid kit for dogs and found that most of the remedies and equipment were expired. So keep that first aid kit for your dog up to date! Some items to include are gauze, an extra leash, an extra collar, non-stick bandages, dog thermometer, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic spray for dogs, tweezer, tick tweezer, flashlight, towel, muzzle, and emergency dog medications.

What are some signs that your pet may need emergency care? Pale gums, rapid breathing weak or rapid pulse, difficulty standing, seizures or bleeding.

Emergency Contact

If something happens to you, who is willing to take your pet for the short or long term? Who can be contacted in case of an emergency and will know your wishes for your pet? Have emergency contact information in your RV and your vehicle!

But what happens when the unexpected happens like an accident in your RV or vehicle while traveling?

Good Sam TravelAssist

This is where Good Sam Travel Assist comes in. We would not travel without it. And we would not travel with our dogs without it. With the Good Sam TravelAssist Premier membership, you can have the assurance that your cat or dog has coverage.

Anyone who travels can use TravelAssist—RV or not. TravelAsisst offers programs based on what customers need. Select yours as an individual, couple, family, family with pets, and choose between basic or premium coverages.

Premier Package
Family + Pets

Covers you, your spouse, your dependent children, your extended family, and pets traveling with you.

What are the benefits of Good Sam TravelAssist?


With their Premier membership, they can help with:

Pet Boarding

“We will coordinate and pay for your pet to be boarded while you’re hospitalized. That means we will make reservations, pick up your pet from their current location, and safely deliver them to the boarding facility.”

Return Your Pet Home

“Should you require transportation home, we will coordinate and pay for your pet to be returned home or to a boarding facility near your home at your request. Again, we make all the arrangements and handle everything.”

Pet Concierge Assistance Benefits

“We can provide you with referrals and assistance in locating pet-related services wherever you may be traveling, including veterinarians, groomers, pet-friendly hotels and resorts, and other pet-related services.”

This is the best coverage option and includes additional benefits not seen elsewhere.

Emergency Pet Housing and/or Pet Return

“If You are expected to be hospitalized for three (3) or more days, and you are traveling with a Pet that is left unattended as the result of your Injury or Illness, TravelAssist Premier will coordinate and we will pay for your pet to be boarded up to a maximum of $60 per day not to exceed $600 in total.”

Pet Travel Assistance Services

“Upon Your request, TravelAssist assistance coordinators will provide you with referrals and assistance in locating pet related services in a given geographic area, including: veterinarians, groomers, pet friendly hotels and resorts, and other pet related services.”

So what do you do if you are traveling and have an emergency?


In the event of a medical emergency, illness, or accident while traveling:

CALL 9-1-1 or local authorities!

Expenses for Your benefits will be covered only if those services are coordinated and arranged by Us, not on Your own.

CALL 1-866-922-1929
Your call is toll-free anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For service outside of the United States or the locations above, please call collect: 1-603-328-1929.

“Give the Service Representative Your membership number, Your name and the phone number You are calling from. Tell Us Your emergency and our team will deliver you quality Emergency Medical or Travel Assistance no matter where you are in the world.”

It is hard to think clearly when you are in an emergency. But we like to know that Good Sam TravelAssist is there for us…wherever we are. We just know that your next road trip with your dog is going to be the best ever, because you are prepared. So sit back, relax, but don’t let your dog do the driving.


Rachael Johnson
2 Traveling Dogs

This special post is sponsored by Good Sam. We have received compensation for this post, but all opinions are our own.