Another Chance For Animals, Evansville, Indiana

Indiana met us with cold and rainy weather during the latest stop on our Adventure Of A Lifetime. We bundled up and drove to Evansville, Indiana and specifically routed our journey here to a most deserving rescue, Another Chance For Animals.


Most likely where you live, or near where you live, there is a city or county pound or shelter. And most likely, you have tried to think of how you could help. Some of us may not even be brave enough to step foot in a shelter. I know that I used to be like that. But then, some of us take it upon ourselves to try and change things, to put ourselves and our feelings aside for the animals that so desperately need us. Meet Audrey Julian, the founder of Another Chance For Animals.


Audrey told us that in 2009, she answered a Craigslist ad asking for animal transport volunteers. She then decided to volunteer at the local Evansville Vanderburgh Animal Care and Control Shelter. Seeing the needs of the local animals and community, she decided to start Another Chance For Animals.


According to ACA’s website, “Thousands of cats, dogs and other animals are relinquished to the Evansville Vanderburgh Animal Care and Control Shelter each year. Their stories are varied, some are strays, some are owner surrendered, some are taken from their owners for their own well being. All need homes where they will not have to endure shelter life again. ACA volunteers work to find these animals their forever homes. We are striving for a No-Kill Evansville”.

When Audrey started ACA, the euthanasia numbers were high and overwhelming here in Evansville. With a professional background, Audrey put all of her efforts into making ACA run efficiently and enlisted other volunteers and fosters. Is this all that Audrey has going on in her life? Like many animal rescuers, the answer is a big NO. In addition to holding down a full-time job as an accountant, Audrey is a mom, a wife and has dogs and cats of her own and fosters as well! All that she does simply made my heart sing…and made me tired as well! How simple it would have been for Audrey seven years ago to not pursue starting this rescue. She could have assisted in that one transport job and that was it. But she knew that she could make a difference. She knew that she could use her skills and passion to reduce the euthanasia rate in Evansville. And she has done so by over 30% with many other volunteers, board members and the support of the animal control as well.


Audrey agreed to participate in latest episode of Stop Hounding Me and she was joined by Murray, one of her current fosters who is available for adoption thru ACA.

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Murray came to ACA with injuries from an unknown source.  But ACA got him the medical care he needed and a loving foster home.  Murray truly touched our hearts with his exuberance for life, his playfulness with the kittens here and his sweet demeanor.  Murray would make someone a forever friend.  And this is just one of the animals that ACA has made a difference for.


During our visit to ACA’s office, we were given a tour of this building that has taken ACA a few years to restore after purchasing, and it is an ongoing project. This simple building helps them in many ways to organize animals they pull from animal control on their transition and meet with some potential adopters.  Audrey was so proud in relating to us the journey it took for them to reach this point.  And we know that it was due in part to her dedication in making this rescue work.

Another Chance For Animals dedicates its resources, time, money and care to only animals from the local Evansville Vanderburgh Animal Care and Control Shelter.  This enables them to adopt out about 1000 animals a year!  We were impressed beyond belief at their success rate. Audrey related to us story after story of adopters who saw animals on their Facebook page, fell in love, and even though they lived far away, they made it happen.


Their concern for the animals they have saved doesn’t stop when they are adopted, or even before they are adopted.  They believe education is key in their community. They provide this education to community groups, childrens’ groups and schools.  They want their community to understand the problem of animal overpopulation while showing them how to properly care and keep their own pet forever. They also hold regular adoption events and have an adoption window at a local retail store.


ACA provides much respect and support to the Evansville Vanderburgh Animal Care and Control Shelter. They understand that their officers and office staff are busy keeping their city safe while often rushing to pick up an injured dog, or help lost animals. They help animal control in many ways to help the animals there find their forever home while making their stay there as pleasant as they can. Their foster network enables them to put animals in temporary homes, and not in a shelter environment.  This lets them see temperament, physical needs and simply lets them give the animals more individual attention to know what adopter will suit them best. After the animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested, they are then put up for adoption.
Like many other rescues and shelters, ACA often deals with animals that need extra physical care.  It takes an extreme amount of funds to help these animals.
It is our hope that after seeing what Audrey, the founder of ACA dreamed and then accomplished, she will inspire YOU to make a difference.  Each one of us cannot help all the animals in need.  But like Audrey, you can pick one way to make a difference, because every way matters.  Every life matters. Each one of us can do “something”.
Audrey realized that the best way she could help the animals here locally in Evansville, Indiana was to concentrate her efforts in one direction.  We think that with her expertise, love, dedication, organization, volunteers and fosters, the euthanasia rate in this area will go down even further.  We know that all of the animals she has saved including Murry who we met in our video owe Audrey a great deal of thanks, as do we.
We thank Audrey for inviting us to meet the animals in their care and show us how one person can start a community on the way to truly noticing and caring about the animals there.  Another Chance For Animals is Audrey’s “something”.  What is yours?
How can YOU do “something” today to help Audrey’s efforts in Evansville, Indiana for Another Chance For Animals?
Another Chance For Animals is a 501C3 and that makes your donations tax deductible! Any size donation would help them. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button on our web page at, or through Paypal at, or by mailing to
ACA PO Box 4336 Evansville 47724 



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