The SPCA Of Hancock County, Trenton, Maine

Maine simply surprised us. The latest stop on our Adventure Of A Lifetime brought us to a part of Maine that was awe-inspiring. From the lighthouses to the ocean, to Acadia National Park, we were so happy that we picked this part of Maine to stay, and even more thrilled to have picked the SPCA of Hancock County in Trenton as our rescue pick to visit.

Photo Cred: Facebook Page, SPCA Of Hancock County

Many animal rescuers and shelters in our country have an overwhelming job. From balancing their own community’s rescue efforts with a bigger picture of saving animals in other states, we get stressed out just thinking about their jobs! Part of the reason we are showcasing a rescue, shelter or organization in each state we visit is that we think they deserve recognition, and for others to know the good they are doing. The SPCA of Hancock County is a shelter that does it all. And the people there are happy to do it. Hopefully, their people, their part of the country and their animals will inspire you as well to do good. In this world of ours, we need more “good” like the SPCA here in Maine.


The SPCA’s mission here is simple as explained on their website, “The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Hancock County (SPCA) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare, to the protection, sheltering, and placement of companion animals into responsible, loving homes, to humane education in the community, and to local, state and national animal advocacy.”


We met Diana de los Santos, the director of this shelter. She greeted us with open arms, a smile, and a welcoming spirit as soon as we pulled in the parking lot. Brickle and Digby stayed at home this visit due to our hectic travel schedule and they needed a day off. I didn’t tell Brickle, a cat lover, that the cats here at the SPCA of Hancock County were the focal part of the happy lobby area and rooms. Seeing cats excited to be living their lives in their temporary homes and noticing the volunteers who so lovingly were helping them do so was great! Some cats here arrive sick, or pregnant, elderly or with special socialization needs. After getting a tour of the cat areas, we were told of plans to expand their sunroom, how the volunteers make a difference by simply spending time with them each day, and how even children are involved in the community by coming in and reading to the cats. This simple thing makes a big difference to the cats as it prepares them for a home environment. What a special place.


After visiting with all of the beautiful cats and hearing their stories, we were led to the dog area by John, a longtime volunteer who excitably takes pride in his job. We can see why. Many of the dogs here have required special training and love, and John is the highlight of their lives. He truly cares by spending time with the dogs, along with other volunteers in walking them, taking them on trails behind the shelter (pretty much the most awesome thing ever) and teaching them social skills to prepare them for a forever home.

IMG_2698Jimmy, who you will see on our video, is a wonderful dog who has been at the shelter for a year. Because of his “looks” and stereotype, Jimmy is still looking for his forever home. We watched Jimmy do awesome tricks and simply be happy to be outside. Our latest episode of “Stop Hounding Me” was so much fun and we thank Diana and the volunteers for being such great contestants! Thanks to our weekly sponsors, 4-Legger, SqueakNSnap, Your Dog’s Diner and Bower Beer.

We also heard the story of a dog who found himself brought to the SPCA of Hancock County by his owner. The reason for HIS surrender? A playfully mischievous, normal, happy dog, he was described by his owner as being an “idiot”. Do we relate this story for shock value? No. We say that shelter workers and rescues do miracles. We think it is a miracle that they can remain calm in the face of so much injustice towards animals like this. Every story that is related to us has an affect on our hearts in some ways when we do these visits. And this dog’s story definitely has stayed with us. How many of these same stories happen across the country? We know alot. But seeing it in person, and meeting the people who deal with this on a daily basis, like the SPCA of Hancock County, we KNOW that we must let others know about them!


Truly a special group works together here at this shelter in Trenton, Maine under the guidance of its special director, Diana. Diana explained to us how the rescues, shelters and animal control work TOGETHER too in their community to help the animals. They may all do things in different ways, but the end goal is the same as Diana told us, to have every animal in a safe, happy and loving home. Until that time comes, the SPCA of Hancock County is doing everything that they can, which is very expensive. One of the ways they raise funds in order to keep doing what they do is by an upcoming event on July, Wine and Whiskers. You know this speaks to us! And of course during the year, they have other events as well.

It would take us a literal book to explain all the ways that Diana and the SPCA of Hancock County touched our hearts.


No one may see their daily struggles, their daily operational tasks and the volunteers who come here regularly.


But we took notice, and hope that they continue what they do for the fortunate animals here in their care and the community that needs them.

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We thank the SPCA of Hancock County for allowing us to visit, to show us around and inspire us to keep going on this Adventure Of A Lifetime!

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141 Bar Harbor Rd.
Trenton, Maine 04605
Wed. – Sun. 11 – 5
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays