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During our time in Lutz, Florida, it became necessary to have Brickle and Digby visit a dog daycare and boarding facility periodically. Why?  They needed a break from US!  But after visiting numerous dog daycares in the area, we always walked away just a little disappointed.  No facility seemed to have everything we desired for our special boys and simply but, it had to be pretty close to perfect for us to trust anyone with our loves.

So when we happened upon Pawsome Adventures in Lutz, Florida, which is north of the Tampa Bay area, we did our research.  We always recommend that to any of our fans in any areas!  After the research, we decided to visit Nikole at her establishment.  Nikole runs her business in such an organized but low-key way.  Dogs aren’t kept on artificial grass or in crates all day.  No…dogs can be dogs here and isn’t that when they are most happy? I was impressed as soon as I walked in the door.

Nikole business Pawsome Adventures
Nikole Yahre, Owner, Pawsome Adventures in Lutz, Florida

But what about Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake?  As you know, Sheriff Brickle is highly particular of his environment, and simply put, someone has to know Brickle and his quirks.  After being told by numerous daycares that Brickle was not suitable for their high stress environment, I did not know if he would like it here either.  But my fears were quickly put to rest.  Nikole let me know that when Brickle wanted to get away, by himself, he had that option.  With three acres and a natural outdoor setting, Brickle did not have to be stressed out with a crowded area.  He could rest. He could play. He could do his policing.  And they embraced his quirks.  They understood my boy.  How thankful I was.

Digby Pancake is an easy going guy.  There is little that can ruffle his pancake butt, and here he could have snacks, naps in the air conditioning and plenty of love.


But what about leaving them overnight? I loved how Nikole let them be part of her family.  They didn’t lock them away in crates or rooms by themselves.  They were important to them and she was available any time I needed to check on them..which was a lot! Sorry Nikole!

What else does Pawsome Adventures offer?

Splash Zone! A mini water park for dogs!

Pawsome Adventuress Splash Zone (Medium)

Then we have Zoomie Zone! A lure course! How awesome is that?


So what sets Pawsome Adventures  apart from the rest?

24 Hour Supervision

Emergency Certified Staff

Secure Play yards on almost 3 acres

Splash Time in Splash Zone Water Park

Lure Chasing in Zoomie Zone

In-Ground Salt Swimming Pool

Give your dog a break, and give yourself peace of mind.  We only have so much time with our dogs.  So make sure the time away from us is enjoyable and helps them be better dogs.  Socialization and burning some energy is key to their well-being and ours.  Brickle and Digby give Pawsome Adventures 8 paws up!

Thank you to Nikole and her staff for taking such good care of our boys for over 4 years.  See you soon!

Contact them at:

home: (813) 390-4968