4-Legger Certified Organic All Natural Shampoo & Balms


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and today, I have been tasked with providing you a full report on some products that we have been using on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Now, let me start by saying that I hate getting a bath.  I will arrest you if you even mention the word.  Bath.  Did you mention it?  You. Are. Arrested.

So.  Since you are arrested, I guess you are going to have a lot of time to read about these products that Girl Person will not stop talking about.  The products are made by a great company called 4-Legger.  And their shampoos and balms are certified organic.  I like anything that is certified, because that is official.  And as a Sheriff, I love official stuff.


Truth be told, and I always tell the truth, I love smelling good.  It goes with the territory of being the most interesting dog in the world.  Along with my brindle coat, smelling good attracts the masses.  I can’t help it.  I pretty much have to go out in the middle of the woods to get some peace and quiet.  A dog can’t sign pawtographs all day, you know.


If I keep showing pictures of myself, you will lose focus, and I really need you to check out these products.  If we don’t like a product, or don’t believe in it, we simply will not tell you about it.  But these products have made a real difference in our trip so far, and our well-being.

Dog Shampoo

So why are these products so special to us? Let me quote their website.

“Your pets are part of your family. Their health and happiness is your priority. Statistics show that nearly 50% of all dogs (6 million a year) will die from cancer. Our dog was one of those statistics. He died on the same day that 4-Legger founder, Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. When we decided to take 4-Legger from just a vision to reality, we wanted to demonstrate our company’s commitment to ingredient purity and product integrity. Since there are no regulations in the pet grooming industry, we felt independent third party oversight by the National Organics Program (NOP) was the only way we could show pet parents that we truly cared about the quality and safety of our products. We wanted you to have absolutely no doubts about our commitment to quality. Every ingredient and all products are independently reviewed to ensure compliance with the USDA organic standards – the highest standard a product can achieve. We aren’t your typical dog shampoo company – we’re better and safer – because for us it is personal. We are on a mission to change an industry!”.


As Sheriff, I have been trying to arrest cancer in dogs for awhile.  And these products are helping me do that.  I do not want to get cancer, and I don’t want Deputy Digby Pancake to get cancer.  We need to be the healthiest we can be on this trip to help other dogs.  But, truth be told, we get dirty.  A lot.  So we get a lot of baths.  If our Girl Person used regular, toxic, chemical filled shampoos, that would increase our chances dramatically of getting sick.  And that is not acceptable to any of us.

I think my favorite shampoo would have to be the lemongrass.  I smell amazing, like a refreshing drink on a hot day.  A tall one.  Stop drooling.


In addition to their certified, organic shampoos, they offer a balm for dogs’ paws and noses.  Seriously.  How much more handsome can I get?  This stuff is crazy good.  On our trip around the country this year, we are doing a lot of walking and of course traveling.  If our paws or our noses get cracked, that is not a good thing.


What makes this balm so good?

Made with organic ingredients, this healing balm is packed with the healing, moisturizing, and nourishing properties of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antibacterials. Since we hike so much, in so many different environments, we pretty much dig this stuff.


You can also use this healing balm for hot spots, skin conditions, scar reduction, wound healing, and bug bites. Bug bites? Yep. I am embarrassed to say that every state we have visited so far has plagued us with everything from ticks to fleas, mosquitos and biting flies.  If we would not have had this stuff, Girl Person says that we would have been super upset.  It is now part of our road emergency kit in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV for good.


You may be wondering.  What does Deputy Digby Pancake think of these products?


No surprise there.  Always asleep.  These are his two favorite versions of the shampoos offered by 4-Legger. They have three different versions, Aloe and Lemongrass, Unscented, and Oatmeal Aloe and Lavender.  No, he does not believe they smell as good as pancakes.  He suggests a maple syrup version.  Hope you are listening, 4-Legger.


On top of all their certified, organic products, they are just good people.  This year, they have donated numerous bottles of their products to the rescues we are visiting on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We are finding on this trip, that there ARE good people left in this world who truly care about animals.  4-Legger’s commitment to the health and well-being of animals by making products that are environmentally sensitive and healthy is rare.  They do not compromise on their ingredients, or their principles.  We thank them for giving us peace of mind when it comes to bath time.  The less we use chemicals on our dogs, combined with proper nutrition and exercise means that they will be with us as long as possible.  And that, to us, it invaluable.


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This is a sponsored post and we received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are our own.