Why My Dog Is A Person To Me

If you want to be picky about the definition of the word “person”, I guess you could concentrate on the human aspect of the wording. “A human being regarded as an individual.”

But I’ve never been one to be told how I view someone else. I see someone’s heart and facets of them that are complex and unknown to me. And my dog? My dogs? They are persons to me. They are individuals and I will not lump them into just a species. They are my friends. They are my family.

It seems to me that when we don’t see someone as an individual and just someone in the crowd of a definition, we have less responsibility to treat them correctly, lovingly and right. When I was younger, I certainly loved animals and especially dogs. But I put them into a category that was honestly not as valuable as others in my life. And I’ve learned the hard way that even though someone can’t talk in our language, what they have to say is just as important. Are you listening?

My dogs have kept me alive thru debilitating depression. They have given me purpose. They have made me feel like I can take another breath some days. They have been patient with me and have encouraged me to be my best when I didn’t want to.

My dogs have shown me how strong I can be and how strong love can be. I didn’t think I could handle losing my Digby Pancake after years of battling illnesses.

And when he passed, that moment, that exact moment, I knew he was telling me “good job”. I became strong for Brickle. And opened my heart and adopted another dog, Fruitycake. I gave another person, Fruitycake, the choice to be his best. His best person.

If you have had human persons in your life let you down, even family members, you might feel like you can never let anyone else in your life. That you can never trust anyone else. Don’t make that choice. Let your dog save you like you have saved him. Take care of your dog in the way you want to. Don’t worry when others make fun of you for cooking for them or for spoiling them. Don’t let others make you feel bad for taking care of a person, your dog, the way that you should!

Love for an individual is one of the great joys in life. If you feel better when you spend time with your dog and shy away from human person engagements, do what you want to. Do what makes you healthy and happy. Be the person your dog thinks you are. And treat your dogs like the persons they are.

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