Why I Cancelled Our Voyage On The Queen Mary 2 Ship With Our Dogs

Well, it’s been quite a week. It’s been quite a month. It’s been quite a few months. It’s been quite a year.

When we made the decision to move to Italy with our two dogs and purchase a major fixer upper in the mountains of Portofino, I was excited.

But I was also very nervous. Mostly because one of my dogs is a senior at 14 years old.

So instead of taking our dogs in the cargo section of an airplane, we booked tickets for us and for our dogs on the Queen Mary 2 ship.

This ship sails out of New York and goes transatlantic to England. Each dog must reserve a kennel or two kennels depending on the size. And as you can imagine, the waiting list is long.

The duration of the sailing is seven nights. And the dogs have a Kennel Master who is in charge of their well-being and for feeding them and walking them on the ship’s balcony area for dogs.

Kennels photography for Cunard on board Queen Mary 2 in Southampton. Picture date: Sunday August 19, 2018. Photograph by Christopher Ison © 07544044177 chris@christopherison.com http://www.christopherison.com

The area is not large, but comfortable and provides for nice, fresh air, weather permitting. Pet parents are allowed to visit their dogs or cats most hours of the day with certain hours blocked off for meal and nap times. You must say good night no later than 8:30 until the following day.

All things considered, it sounded like a much better way to get our dogs to Europe than the cargo section of an airplane, which we never considered! But as the months we have been waiting have progressed, so has Brickle’s arthritis. And it started worrying me that he would not be able to exercise as much or stretch out in the kennel. Imagine being in a airplane seat for a week. I know that he would have been well taken care of. If it was just a day or two, fine. But a whole week lately has seemed to be not such a good idea for him. Plain and simple.

We all know our dogs better than anyone. And if you truly listen to your heart and ask yourself if it’s good for your dog, you will know the answer. Although I have always heard nothing but great reviews on the ship and the kennel, it’s not right for Brickle. It’s been wonderful for so many dogs and we are happy that travelers with their pets have this option. We just don’t think it is right for Brickle.

So now what? Good question. Our only other option that we have right now is to book a charter plane and get our dogs there in one day. A plane where they can be in the cabin with us. And we are contacting some companies to see how this will work. We don’t have all the answers yet. And we are going to have to save up to be able to afford it. But I can’t afford to put my dog thru something he shouldn’t have to go thru. A week is too long for him. And that is why we cancelled the Queen Mary 2 voyage with our dogs.

Remember that just because something works for one dog, that doesn’t mean it’s good for your dog. Respect their individual personalities and physical health and mental stamina as well. And even if the decision isn’t right for you, remember you have way longer on this earth. Spend your time wisely with the ones you love.

Are we still moving to Italy? Yes. What about the house? Stay tuned.

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