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It’s true.  Sometimes, the best advice for dog parents traveling with their furkids comes from someone else that has been there, or even lives there!  We may have been to all the 48 contiguous states with our dogs, but there are still many areas we have not been.  And that is where you come in! If you have a question about traveling with your dogs, post it here!  And try to help another traveling dog parent get the information they are looking for!


8 thoughts on “Traveling With Dogs Discussion Board

  1. vixxyn

    There’s a free app & website called It lists things like stores, restaurants, hotels and attraction that are dog-friendly. It also lists dog parks. Listings are by state, then city, and there are also international listings. Very helpful!!

  2. Emily

    Ok so I have a pug (believe me this becomes relevant) who will act relatively calm when the car is moving. However when I slow the car down or stop she goes berserk. She barks…even ‘screams’-that pug excitement scream) at things and people passing by. Sometimes I wonder though if this had to do with her past. I adopted her from a shelter and the staff said she had been found in a place where people in our city commonly dump their pets (😡). However, she really loves getting in the car.
    Has anyone had a rescue dog get nervous as a car slows down or stops? I’m not sure if her mind is ‘reverting’ to having possibly been abandoned, or (I hope) she’s just genuinely excited by the movement of everything she can see when we slow down or stop.

  3. I will be driving from Washington State to Florida this summer with 2 German Shepherd dogs. Any advice on how to give them enough exercise and still make good time?

    1. Sam

      Last year we drove from central Florida to Central Vermont in a slide in truck camper. We tried to limit our travel to no more than 450 miles per day. Planned for 5 days with 2 added ” just in case” days. We used all 7 days. Stopped every couple of hours for breaks and personal needs and used the extra days for rest Did not make good time, but did have an enjoyable trip for both humans and dog. Good luck and have fun.

      1. Teresa D Brooks

        And here I was thinking 350 miles a day would be good! LOL My car will actually alert ,me when we have been driving for over 2 hours so I guess it should be good. But I have to find a hotel room each night so that’s a concern

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