The Tail Of Sharkee, The Little Shark With A Big Bite

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Once upon a time, there was a shark. He was a little shark, but a shark just the same. A shark is always a shark no matter what the size!  This shark learned that his name was Sharkee. Because everytime someone saw him, or any other shark, they yelled, “Shark!! Eeeeeeeee!” And so his name was Sharkee. And it fit him very well.


Sharkee never compared himself to other sharks. He knew that he was special, just like all sharks are special. But he also knew that he had to be more careful than other sharks. You see, little sharks have to ride the waves differently.  Little sharks have to swim better and hold on better with their fins! It is very big adventure to be a little shark!


One day, Sharkee was swimming by the shore very carefully.  He didn’t want to get stepped on because there were lots of people there that day. The people were surfing and running and having fun.  So much fun!  Whoohoo! Fun times! Sharkee wanted to have fun too! What could he do for fun? He had to think about it. Maybe he could go see a movie! But there was no where around he could go to watch a movie, plus he heard that they charged extra for sharks, and he didn’t have a pocket for money. He would have to wait for that kind of fun!


Maybe he could go shopping! He heard some liked to do that for fun. That was it! But there was nowhere to go shopping for new shark pants. And since he didn’t have pants, he didn’t have pockets for money to buy the pants. He would have to wait to have that kind of fun!


Maybe he could go dancing! But where could a shark go to dance? And he needed dance lessons first.  Should he learn the jitterbug or how to do the moonwalk? There were too many choices.  He would have to wait for that kind of fun!


So Sharkee decided that for fun, he would bite some people! You see, he thought that was what sharks were supposed to do. Everyone screamed when they saw a shark, so he had to live up to his name. Sharkee!

As Sharkee looked near the shore, he saw a person looking for seashells.  This was going to be fun!  And he thought, well, “Since I am a little shark named Sharkee, my bite won’t be that bad.  And I won’t bite that hard.  So here goes nothin!” And he sang a song to celebrate!

“I am Sharkee,

Small as a bug

I am Sharkee,

I like to have fun!

But here I come,

So watch your feet,

I may just bite,

And you will screech!”

As he got closer to the person looking for seashells, the person saw him and yelled, “Shark!! Eeeeeee!” Sharkee liked that.  That was his name! Sharkee!


He took just a little bite out of the foot and the person barely felt it.  Just a little bite! Sharkee still felt a little bad about it, though. He most certainly did.  But there was still no place around to watch a movie. Or to go shopping. Or to go dancing. Nope, there wasn’t.  This was going to be his fun! And he only felt a little bad about it. So every day after that first day of fun, he picked someone new to bite. It was bite time all the time! Maybe he would bite that person running too fast along the shore. “Shark!! Eeeeee!” Maybe he would pick that person fishing. “Eeeee!” But he made sure just to bite their feet and not their fishing hook. He was a smart Sharkee.


Sharkee was getting good at this! He was getting really good at this biting game.  But one day, his other shark friends told him that they wanted to talk to him.  Uh oh! It is a very serious thing when sharks want to have a talk. They sat down at their shark table because this is where sharks talked very seriously.


And they told him it wasn’t nice to bite for fun and they told him that he should not bite that person running. Not even the fisherman.


Sharkee listened to the serious talk, and he was sad about it, but then he thought of a solution.  Instead of people, he would bite those two dogs that walked to the beach every day named Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake!


Yes, that would be more fun!  So here they came to the shore one day! And he was ready.  He had saved all of his bites for this moment!  But as Sharkee got close to their paws, a wave washed him onshore and Digby Pancake saw him!


Sharkee didn’t think that Digby would try to bite him!  But he did!


And in one quick gulp, Sharkee found himself in the mouth of a dog that had an appetite for just about anything and everything! Was this the end of Sharkee? Just as he thought he would be going down, down, down into Digby’s bottomless tummy, a Girl Person pried open Digby’s mouth and yanked him out!

But with one swift throw, he found himself back in the ocean and washing away, away, away!  His life was saved from Digby’s stomach! He didn’t want to go there! He had a second chance. And he wasn’t going to blow it or even bite it!  When the other sharks saw him, he knew that he would have to tell them the truth though. He thought that they would be mad, but instead, they were glad. They were glad he had learned his lessons. They were glad that his biting days were over. And they were very glad that Sharkee had two new friends named Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake. Digby was still his friend even though he almost ate him because Sharkee knew he was sorry. Kind of!


And the truth was, after a few days. Sharkee missed Brickle and Digby. He told his shark friends he missed those dogs! And they told him he should go find them again! But they also said that Brickle and Digby lived in something called an RV and he would have to travel with them. That sounded like so much fun! So the next day, he thought about it and made a choice. He was ready to be a nice shark. He wanted a family. He wanted to see what it would be like to live in an RV. Yes. That sounded fun!

Very fun! So. Much. Fun! He knew his home would always truly be the ocean. But big adventure was calling for Sharkee the little shark!


So at the same time that Brickle and Digby arrived at the shore everyday, he washed himself up on the beach on purpose.


Brickle and Digby saw him again and they were so happy! They were so happy that they did a dance not taught in dance lessons. They said he could come live with them! And they skipped away from the ocean to the RV. This was Sharkee’s new home! Of course, not all sharks got to live in an RV. He imagined he could watch a movie in here. Or go shopping for pants. Or even dance! But he couldn’t do any big Sharkee dance moves in here!


Sharkee learned that even when we develop bad habits, we can change, and change can mean fun!


Sharkee learned that sometimes, we have to listen to others when they tell us we should make changes.

And sometimes, just for a little while, Brickle, Digby and Sharkee went back to the shore.


He trusted them and they trusted him. Digby didn’t try to eat him. And Sharkee didn’t try to bite them. At least not all the time.


It was a hard lesson to learn, but Sharkee knew that because he was worried about being small, he felt anxious.  He felt worried.  He felt scared.  But Sharkee knew it was more fun for others to find shark teeth than to be bit with them!  And from that day on, Brickle and Digby and Sharkee were family. And Sharkee didn’t have to wait for that kind of fun! It was the best fun of all. Sharkee waved his fin at his friends in the ocean and they were so very proud.


And they all lived happily ever after.

What can we learn from the story of Sharkee, The Little Shark With A Big Bite?

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This 2 Traveling Dogs Furry Tails, Bedtime Stories For Dogs is sponsored by Pet Releaf! Use coupon code 2TD at checkout to save 10% off of your order at