The Sheriff Brickle Arrest Page

This is Sheriff Brickle.  I get requests on a daily basis to make arrests.  Maybe your boss is on your nerves.  Maybe your parents won’t let you play outside as long as you want.  Maybe that traffic is too much to handle.  So, here is a page where you can request who or what I arrest.  Leave your reply below.  And.  You’re Welcome.

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55 thoughts on “The Sheriff Brickle Arrest Page

  1. Robyn Sicely

    Dear Sheriff Brickle,
    Please arrest my irresponsible, stupid neighbors !!! They put their 3 young NOT spayed female kitties outside with NO FOOD OR WATER. Turned them into outside kitties. I was able to rescue one who was sooo skinny I didn’t even know was pregnant until she gave birth to 3 baby girls on my porch. (YES, SHE WAS THAT SKINNY) !!! If I had not been here when she had them, she, & they, would have all died. She didn’t know how to take them out of their birth sacks, or to cut their cords. The third one was born breech. She wasn’t a year old herself. Well, to make a long story shorter, I kept them all, even though I’m on ssi & disability, which is a very low monthly income. I got momma kitty, who I named Gabrielle, & all 3 babies fixed. I already had a brindle pug girl, & a 3 yr. old male cat who are also both fixed. I do right by all of my fur babies !!! The 3 girls turned one in April. It just makes me sooo mad that humans can be sooo stupid and irresponsible !!! Also, dearest Sheriff Brickle, please arrest the person or persons who broke into our home in May. They let Gabrielle get out and she hasn’t been seen since. We were broken hearted about losing her, as all my fur babies get along with each other really well. All of my fur babies are rescues. Love to all of you and your family. Say hi to your brother Deputy Dugby Pancake, Girl Person, and, Boy Person deom all of us in Largo, Florida. We follow your story every day. Love, Me, Kaley Jade,(pug), Lucian Mikhail, (male cat), & the 3 sister kitties — Emma Jade, Lily Rose, & Riley Anne. Thank you and be safe !!!

  2. Julie Ramirez

    Please arrest my company’s NY office, they get to leave early on Fridays, we don’t! I’m in Los Angeles.

  3. Lisa Elam

    Dear Sheriff,

    Could you please arrest my neighbors who constantly yell and scream at each other AND at their dog? I work nights, and it makes sleeping very difficult! I would be greatly appreciative! Love you boys!!

  4. Loraine Howard

    My problems are small compared to others. I have two little guys, brothers, born a year apart on JULY 4TH. BAILEY is 7 and SAM is 6. But my poor little Bailey always seems to be on the short end of the stick. A couple of days ago I was cutting his nails and he wiggled and it got cut a little short, then my daughter came over and gave him a birthday present and within two days he had torn it apart so I had to take it away and adding injury to insult I had to put Ear Medicine in one of his ears, so now I can’t get him to come near me. But SAM is just fine. You have a GREAT DAY! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  5. Please arrest my next door “persons” that chain their dog outside in the heat. Today Animal Control paid them a “visit”. I always make sure that the dog has fresh water and can reach some shade….yesterday was the final straw. They need to be shamed and arrested. Today the dog is indoors. I’m sure you agree Sheriff and Deputy, that chaining a dog out, is NOT being a good pet parent. Keep up the good work.

  6. Penelope Noszek

    Arrest those silly bun-buns running loose and hiding under my shed. My girls, Josie and Harper Chase them every morning! Love you Sheriff, love you Deputy!

  7. Cindy

    Dear Sheriff, please arrest my big boy Rufus who cried and screamed in my ear on our drive back from Grandmas today, he is sweetly sleeping on the floor now that we are home, but he still needs arrested!

  8. Carol Ward


    Sheriff, I need you to arrest my aching ❤️ It’s been way too long since I’ve seen my boys. The Deputy needs to howl his way back home and get a much needed back rub from his Gandma!

    Love and miss my beautiful girl person and her beautiful boys❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Betty Henderson

    Sheriff I would like an arrest made on all the fleas and ticks on the planet. I’m sure you’ve already made an arrest on the ones that would dare to mess with you guys. You are good at what you do and I thank you for your service. Oh ! and also would you please arrest any truck you see that is carrying Little Debbie cakes ? I really need one right now. Thank you kind sir

  10. Emily

    Dear Sherrif Brickle,
    I know you are busy but I humbly submit a few candidates for arrest should it be your will (two are serious yet I have submitted one more light hearted):
    1) Anxiety, especially that kind that sneaks up outta nowhere and makes you think straight to the worst case scenario,
    2) Degenerative Myelopathy, which took my sweet fur baby from me.

    And 3) The weather! It’s so hot and dry and we want raaaain yet the clouds build just enough to give us hope but nothing happens!!!!

    Respectfully submitted,
    A loyal fan

  11. Jan

    Could you arrest all these people who are mean to animals, kids and the elderly? Love you Sheriff Brickle. You too Deputy Digby.

  12. This is the greatest!! Arrest this stupid July weather, please. Sheriff!! Rain, cold, tornadoes and etc!! Sunshiney only, please!! I thank you in advance!! Love, Jackie P.S. Love to your family as well!! 😚👨👱🐶🐶

  13. Lin

    Sheriff Brickle, I wish you’d arrest breast cancer, as well as all its sibling cancers. I’m fighting it now, and it’s not much fun. The world would be a much better place without it.

    Thank you, Sheriff, and to you also Deputy Digby for all the good you do for homeless animals everywhere. Love to you both, and to your persons,. Maybe I’ll have a chance to meet you when you come to Oregon. If you haven’t decided on a rescue to visit here yet, I’d recommend Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene. 🙂

    Safe travels!

  14. Arrest the dog moms and dads looking (or not looking!) for their fur babies when they ran away from the fireworks. How many times do you nitwits have to be told to put your animals inside when all that crap is going on! Fireworks were not just invented this year!!

  15. Jelli

    Please arrest these dummies shooting off firecrackers and bombs! My pups are going crazy..and the 4th of July is OVER NOW!

  16. Rose

    I would like a perpetual arrest warrant for the weather. I need to do stuff that can’t be done in the rain.

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