The Live In The Moment Tour

It’s true! We have been to 48 states and visited 48 animal rescues.

We have been on the road over three years.

Why? We want to show that YOU can make a difference for animals by living the best life possible with your pets!

 How powerful is your example? It can save lives.

That is why we are on our latest tour, “Live In The Moment”! Do our pets live in the moment? You bet they do! We can learn from them! Join us as we take Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake on yet another epic adventure in our RV!  Where will we go? That’s the beauty of this tour.  Each day will be a surprise to our followers on our blog and our social media sites.  Join over a million fans as we take to the road in our RV!

How far will we go? That depends on our boys, what they want to do, and where they want to go! It also depends on our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV!

Join us every weekday on our dog blog at!  Let’s live in the moment.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone.  Travel enables us to keep ourselves and our dogs’ minds and bodies active.  Learn new things, explore the world, and make a difference at the same time!  Lets do this! Let’s go!

“Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice!”

-2 Traveling Dogs