The CURT Q25 Fifth Wheel Hitch Review By 2 Traveling Dogs

I have to admit that I never gave a second thought…or a first thought…about how travelers pulled around their fifth-wheels!

After all, the most important aspects to travel for me are my dogs and where we are going.

But now, I feel it is a responsibility to tell others about the best products to use for RV travel. Because if you don’t get there safely and feel comfortable, why travel?

So how important is our right fifth-wheel hitch to Brickle qnd Fruitycake? All they need to know is that it takes our house on wheels to the places they want to go! But it is important to us for other reasons!

A 5th wheel hitch is a truck bed hitch that couples to the kingpin of a 5th wheel trailer. We picked the CURT Q25 5th Wheel Hitch from Camping World and had it shipped!

If you aren’t sure what fifth-wheel hitch is right for your vehicle, the Curt website has a handy calculator. Our CURT Q25 5th Wheel Hitch pulls up to 25,000 pounds, which is perfect for our Pinnacle. After all, we carry around a lot of snacks for the dogs.

We started our fifth wheel hitch search with Camping World. Because obviously, that’s our favorite store. Their website can start you out on the right path!

“If your trip involves towing a fifth-wheel trailer or camper, you’ll need a trusty fifth wheel hitch. Whenever you tow any vehicle, it is critical to make sure that your towing vehicle can support the trailer weight and payload. The fifth wheel hitch connects to your towing vehicle via a kingpin and helps with accommodating turns. Here at Camping World, we offer a wide selection of 5th wheel hitches from top brands.”

Our favorite things about OUR pawmazing hitch are:

It’s modular in separate pieces that are connected. So if you need to take it out for any reason, it’s lighter to remove. But still so strong! Super strong!

No one likes a ruff ride, not even the dogs! It reduces that “chucking and bucking” so you can enjoy every road trip!

The color indicators leave no room for doubt whether it’s locked or unlocked.

Here are the important facts!

• Spherical axial bearing tilts head in any direction for a smooth, quiet ride

• Dual jaws fully wrap the kingpin to reduce chucking and increase security

• Wide, self-aligning head helps eliminate errors when backing up to the trailer

• Lockable, short-throw handle automatically engages with the kingpin

• Three easy-access grease fittings for lubrication

• Three-position coupling indicator clearly shows coupling status

• Mounts to all industry-standard base rails

• Offers three height adjustment positions to adapt to each unique truck bed

• Includes a polyethylene lube plate to eliminate messy grease deposits

• Tested for safety in accordance with SAE J2638

• Protected by a highly durable carbide powder coat finish

It’s great to dream about travel. But the important components must be figured out first.

And the fifth-wheel hitch you choose can be the difference between an epic road trip or a roller coaster ride!

If you have any questions, the folks at Camping World can answer any questions.

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