Somewhere Beyond The Sea

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Let’s go sailing.  No, not really.  I hate boats.  And I probably don’t float.


Everyone has been wondering this week if we were going to move to this Sequim, Washington place after the trip is over.  Is this trip ever going to be over?  That is my question.  The slower we go, the more slower we get and the more tired we get.  It makes no sense, but neither did catching a red parrot this week.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.15.09 PM

When you are on the sea, things seem to get a more relaxed.  The important things don’t seem so important any more.  And we will admit.  We kinda had to stop thinking this week.  Girl Person wakes up in a panic every morning.  Where will we find a house?  When will we find a house?  Do we need to find a house?  How will we pay for a house? And there are no answers.  None.  Kind of like when you ask me how many pancakes I can eat.  I don’t know.  How am I supposed to know that?


And the more the persons try to figure out what to do, the more they think they can’t figure anything out at all.  So.  You asked about Sequim.  Which is pronounced like squid.

Not pronounced like a sequin.

I know.  Again, makes as much sense as Sheriff Brickle being carried around like a baby.  A baby squid, bahaha! He kinda looks like one…


But yes, back to your question.  Did we entertain the thought of living in this Sequim, Washington place?  We did.  We drove around, we looked, we ate some food, we ate some more food, and we thought some more.


You know us very well. You know we like sunshiney. And they call this place Sunny Sequim.  You know we love the water.


We kinda need the water to be happy. And yet, some things are hard for us here.  It’s a little chilly, I know, eat more pancakes.  And we have no family or friends here either.  So, will we live in Sequim?  It’s not off the table, but there are too many pancakes on it to decide right now.  Is our perfect place out there? We know it is.  Somewhere.  Somewhere beyond the sea.  And it’s waiting.  Waiting for me.

In life, you never should say never.  Girl Person probably would at one time have said, oh, we will never sell our house, buy a RV and go across the country trying to help animals.  So maybe our perfect place is out there…we just don’t know yet.  Maybe we don’t know yet that this is it.  But for now, this weekend, we are going to be enjoying Sequim wearing sequins, but the persons won’t be having squid. They are vegetarians.  I am a pancakeatarian.  That is much funner.

This weekend, we have our one Washington rescue visit with Wag! They have dogs like Leah here up for adoption!

leah Share 1.jpg


And we are going to explore some new places in Washington!  Will you join us?  Meet us somewhere beyond the sea!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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