How Thick Are Your Walls?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. When we travel, we learn. That’s one of the great things about traveling together. We all get to go places that we may have normally not known about. It’s not like all places worth visiting are on tourists maps, or even recommended by others. Sometimes, when you think you see something interesting, stop. Even if it’s just a marker on the side of the road.

Boy Person said that when he was a kid, his family used to stop at many roadside attractions when they traveled in their RV.

These places were good spots for lunch and to have a sandwich. At least that’s what Boy Person’s dad, Wild Bill thought. And as we started traveling, Boy Person said he imagined us stopping at many places like that too with a sandwich. I’m always up…or down…for a sandwich! Who isn’t?

So yesterday, we went out to explore the area of St. Marys, Georgia. We saw a sign for something to do with history and I wasn’t that excited because it wasn’t a peanut butter museum. But Digby was excited because it had to do with sugar! It was a very old sugar mill where they used sugarcane to make syrup. It had been there a very long time.

Girl Person explained that long ago, the walls were built very thick with a material called tabby.

We read about tabby and how its made. The persons said tabby is a type of concrete made by burning oyster shells to create lime, then mixing it with water, sand, ash and broken oyster shells. Tabby was used by early Spanish settlers in present-day North Carolina and Florida, then by English colonists primarily in coastal South Carolina and Georgia. Like here at the sugar mill plantation.

The walls were built very thick in order to keep the heat in to make the syrup better and easier out of the sugarcane. Many people had to make the tabby buildings. Many of these people were not treated fairly or nicely. Many did not come there by choice. And this made us sad. History has a way of doing that too. That’s maybe why some people don’t want to learn. Because you see, if we learn, that makes us more aware and gives us a responsibility to change things and acknowledge things. But we have to. It’s not right to just appreciate the beauty of things left behind and not appreciate the people who were there too.

This building may be in ruins, but the beauty is still so obvious. The care and skill it took to make it lasted all this time. But are all walls good? What about the ones persons put around them?

Maybe they are trying to keep things or others out to protect themselves or because it’s just easier. Maybe they have walls about the past. Maybe they want to keep things in. Maybe they think that if they don’t deal with something, it’s not there.

That’s another thing about travel. It makes those walls come down. You realize that even roadside stops like the tabby ruins can teach us about ourselves and respect for others.

Just like Boy Person’s family who stopped for the little places along the way, stop and think how you can learn about others, and therefore learn about yourself.

We are here in this Georgia place until Monday! Where will we go next? Will the Big Blue Treat Wagon cooperate? Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Meander If You Want To Get There

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. What does it mean to meander? I know what it means to go slow and take my time to get nowhere in particular. So, yes, I know how to meander! And when you are staying at a place called Crooked River State Park, you meander like the crooked river meanders.

And you don’t care to know where you are headed. Because there is no hurry when you meander. And to be in a hurry makes you worry. And I am not down with that.

To me, meandering is kind of like slow dancing.  You sway and you go slow.  Nothing complicated about that.

We got to St. Mary’s, Georgia the other day.  Just in time.

The Big Blue Treat Wagon was sputtering.  She was in no hurry.  Especially not over those bridges.

Since she had not traveled in awhile, she was taking her sweet time.  And when we got to camp, she decided that she didn’t want to open up about her feelings. And she wouldn’t let her slide outs open.  Well, if you know Girl Person, you know she isnt slow about saying she is a bit clausterphobic when it comes to tight spaces. And everyone except me had a bit of a panic attack. Boy Person said  that this trip, more than likely, things won’t just go wrong.  They will explode in here like a jack in the box.

But I am not worried about that now.  Point A to Point B we always say.  But when you are meandering, and you really don’t have a plan, it’s easy to not care as much.  What’s the rush?

Brickle sure didn’t see a rush when he climbed up that observation deck to look at the river.  He looked.  But then decided it was better to see it sitting down.

If we live in the moment, truly live in the moment, we go with the flow.  We go where the river takes us.  It will always take us somewhere.  It’s when we try to fight against the current and the order of things that we get into trouble.

We will all get to where we should be eventually.  We can make it hard on ourselves by not appreciating where we are and looking for the next place.  It’s good to have something to look forward to.  But if we lose the moment, we will lose the next moment too.  We have to break the cycle.

How long will we be here in Crooked River State Park in St. Mary’s, Georgia? Our current goal is to sit and rest a spell. That’s what you say in the south.  That means about a week.  We can’t seem to beat the heat anywhere. So when you can’t beat em’, join em’. And wait it out. It’s a pretty nice place to wait it out and see what we can find while we meander.

If you were not in a rush, what would you want to enjoy more?  If you could meander and not fly thru your day, can you imagine all that you could see?  If we all take a day, or even an hour to just look and meander and go with the flow, your path may even be more noticeable.  Meander and you will get there.  Where you are supposed to be.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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