More Shedding

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. If there is one thing or a million things that I know about, it’s shedding. I have so much fur that I could make a fur fruitcake. Although I don’t think that the texture would be nice.

The persons know about shedding too. Although they don’t do it as efficiently as Brickle and I do. They are pretty slow at it. And lately have been getting a little melancholy about it.

We are still trying to get rid of our stuff that the persons have been holding onto for years.

They thought that they had gotten rid of a lot. But in fact, they need to get rid of more. This is not a game anymore. We don’t have much time.

Because it just doesn’t make sense to spend so much money on shipping things to that Italy place that we have to carry half a mile up a mountain.

Persons do put a lot of value in things even when they try not to. Things that have no feelings make them feel trapped. They weigh you down. They keep you from progressing.

In our case, the persons seem to be trying to hold on to their lives of the past. Like the desk from Granny Person that Girl Person had saved. There was no way to get furniture over to that Italy place in a way that made sense. And so she had to let it go. It was hard for her. So hard.

For you see, there were a lot of memories with the desk. But to make new memories, we had to shed it. Just like a lot of things.

Value can be placed on things in a respectful way to take care of them and to appreciate them.

But when do they weigh you down?

When do they keep you from moving on? When do you need to keep shedding?

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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