Without Reservations

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Are you a prepared kind of individual?

Are you organized? How organized?

I am very organized. I know as soon as I wake up what my plans will be. Because I’ve thought about them the day before. I want to sit under the RV and watch things in the campground.

I want to eat breakfast at a decent hour.

I want to make sure everyone knows the softer side of my Brillo pad attitude.

But my persons? Well, they aren’t so organized. Girl Person used to be. She worked at a bank shuffling papers and looking at that money stuff you like. Now? She hates papers. And we don’t even have a printer to print the papers.

So what happened? She might have come to the conclusion that living a day to the full with your dogs was important. But she also forgot about balance. Make no reservation about it. After a couple weeks, we have no reservations.

Seems like everyone likes to camp. And I don’t blame them. But finding somewhere to park your house isn’t so easy when you are as picky as I am. And so the persons are starting to learn. You can be carefree. You can be grateful for living life. But you sometimes have to know when it is good to prepare.

You have to know that you can do both. You can be responsible enough to be irresponsible later. How great is that? We don’t have to have just one facet of our personality showing to be happy. We have to be showing courage in our abilities to plan to have fun. To be a little more organized.

Make no reservation about it. You can dream all the dreams you want. But you may have to make a reservation to stay there.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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