Doctor, Doctor Gimme Me The News

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I am starting to notice that in life, if you aren’t dealing with some kind of problem, there must be a problem. You wonder what the problem is that you don’t know about yet. Persons are very guilty of this.

Like today, Brickle and I have to go to a vet person. We need to find out if Brickle is ok to travel.

And we have to get some shots and Brickle even has to get a new microchip. Can you believe it? Brickle’s microchip is so old that it doesn’t have enough numbers in it to fly on a plane to a different country. I find this a bit ironic.

His age has a lot of numbers, but his microchip doesn’t have enough.

The persons aren’t what you may call the most glass half full people.

They are already prepared that maybe the vet person will know something that we don’t know. And if the doctor says Brickle should not travel to that Italy place, the house in Italy will have to wait.

It’s been there this many years. It will have to wait more.

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They have been worried about this for quite awhile. We were already supposed to be in that Italy place. But as you know, there have been many paperwork problems. A lot. A lot of problems.

But today is another step forward to that Italy place. Or a step that may have to be put off. Either way, one thing is for sure. Our family won’t split up.

We will stick it thru together. Forever. Whatever the news may be. Whatever we have to do.

I hope we can all get to that place with the best spaghetti. We could eat it every single day.

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And yet, the best spaghetti is the one we can all enjoy together.

So instead of worrying about the what if’s, today we will face the reality and embrace what is to be.

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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