The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  There are many wonders in this world.  There are natural wonders like me.  There are man made wonders like the pyramids.  But if you have not found a lonesome spider in an RV, well, you haven’t seen nothin.’


Meet my friend Not A Recluse.  Yes, he has three names to be official, because officially, people mistake him for another spider called a Brown Recluse many times.  So many times in fact, that he has taken to hiding. Which actually would make him a recluse.  But who are you? The name police?  You see, some are wrongly accused.  Not like Deputy Digby who is always rightly accused.  Because he did it all.  But Not A Recluse has taken to hiding because not only is he innocent, but he is harmless.  Not only is he harmless, but he is useful.  And not only is he useful, but he is feared.  By you, probably. Most certainly.  But why?

It amazes me as a dog how persons are scared of so many things around them when they are bigger than most of those things.  And it amazes me that persons cannot see the value in someone like a spider just because it is supposedly scary.  Yes, some can harm us like poisonous snakes. But the downright truth it, and I always tell the truth, is that most of them are harmless.  It is you that is doing the harming to many other things when you disrupt their jobs and abilities. Most of the time, your fears are simply unfounded, y’all.

There Boy Person was last night, reorganizing and cleaning a little under the RV. And all of a sudden, there Not A Recluse was.  He was hanging out, building a web.  And at first, Boy Person jumped a little bit.  But he looked at Not A Recluse.  He didn’t see any signs that is was a Black Widow.  He didn’t see any signs that it was a Brown Recluse.  Why? The Brown Recluse has what you may think looks like a fiddle on him.  Also, remember. His name is Not A Recluse.  I guess I had to state the obvious.

Boy Person took a picture of him to blow up to make sure that he was correct in his assumptions that he was not a criminal.  And after doing a bit of research, it was determined that Not A Recluse could hang out where he wanted to hang out. He could catch bugs.  He could simply be what he wanted to be.  A spider that didn’t mean to scare anyone.  A spider that didn’t even know why persons should be scared of him.  For all he knows, he is the handsomest, best spider that there ever was.  For all he knows, he may think that the sun comes up for him everyday and that he deserves an award for being the best bug catcher around.

You see, sometimes, we think we are so important.  We go around, being all important.  We see a bug and we step on it because maybe we think it isn’t important.  Maybe a bug is in our house and we just kill it and don’t take it outside so that it can live.  Maybe we spray our yard with chemicals or weed killers and think nothing of everything we are doing to harm others.  And I have to say.  When will we know to stop? When will we realize that the more we fight against nature, the more it will fight back in other ways? When will we realize that everything could end if not for bugs? If not for spiders? If not for bees?

Just like persons and dogs are important, so are all living things.  Even the sea gulls on the beach that are driving us crazy.

Yes, we may harm things everyday that we don’t know. We may step on an ant just trying to be an ant.  We may swat a mosquito trying to do mosquito things. But for those that we can help, isn’t it imperative that we either take an extra minute to help them, or just let them be?  Not everything is out to get us.  Everything is just trying to be.  Just trying to live and be the best that it can be.  Even Not A Recluse.

You may say you are scared of spiders.  You may say that you don’t want them crawling on you.  Well, I don’t want them on me either.  But I am proud of the fact that I have found a way to live by them and live with them.  It takes us all to make the world go round in a better way.  If we don’t try to live peacefully, we won’t have any world at all.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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