Be An Example

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve been busy this weekend. I’ve been getting ready for my surgery tomorrow.

I’ve been making sure Fruitycake is staying in line. I’ve been wondering where we are headed to next when I’m feeling all better.

But there’s something I wish I wouldn’t have had to do this weekend. And that was to help Girl Person shut a gate here at the farm.

I’ve noticed that when you get a lot of persons together in one place, that sometimes they think what they individually do doesn’t matter. They think they just can do what others do if they are doing it.

If I followed that advice, I would bark all the time like Fruitycake. I would jump up on the couch and knock all the covers off for the fun of it. I would look for cats underneath the tomato bins to scare them. But no. I don’t do that just because Fruitycake does it.

So I’m not sure why some people thought it was ok to harass some ostriches this weekend when no one was looking. Which I was looking. They walked thru a gate that said no trespassing. And then others did it when they thought they could. Until we shut the gate and told them otherwise. I don’t like to cause drama. Usually.

But sometimes you have to be the example. And you have to be a good one.

All of us have our own problems. I certainly don’t want to have surgery tomorrow. I am scared.

But I also don’t have a right to do whatever I want to today because I’m worried about tomorrow. I have to be an example for Fruitycake. Otherwise, how will he learn? Be an example to others so that they can learn too. It’s not always easy to do the right thing. But it’s always right to do the right thing. And do it proud.

Don’t do what the crowd does. Be your own person. Live up to your standards and no one else’s. You’ll know what to do.

I have surgery on Tuesday so the blog will be on hold until Friday so that Girl Person and Boy Person can devote their time to me and helping me feel better.

We will be updating you on our Facebook page, on Instagram and on Twitter though. I appreciate all of your love. I need your love. I’m very nervous.

But I need to feel better. I need to show Fruitycake an example of how senior dogs still have so much to live for.

Peanut Butter Brickle